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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Boomer1 (2018) by Daniel Torday

Book Review
Boomer1 (2018)
by Daniel Torday

   I'm finding it hard to keep enough Audiobooks lined up to get me through my weekly driving around for work.  Most of the books picked by the editors of the 1001 Books project for the initial revised 2008 edition are obscure enough to not have an Audiobook version available on the Los Angeles Public library app.  After that, I'm looking for newly released literary fiction, but wait times are often measured in months.

   Narrated by American actress Maggie Siff, Boomer1 is the first Audiobook that I actually didn't like.  I'd hate to think it was because I didn't like the voice of the reader, a woman.  It was more because I didn't like the book itself, a "satire(?)" about the "rise" of an anti-Baby  Boomer terrorist organization founded by internet savvy millennials.  I've read in various places that Boomer1 is supposed to be funny on some level, but if so, I didn't get it.  In fact, I found Boomer1, and the characters of Boomer1, to be some of the least amusing characters I've come across in recent years.

  Today splits narration duties between Mark Bloomfield, bluegrass musician, professional failure and terrorist, his ex girlfriend Cassie Black (nee Claire Stankowitz) a fiddle playing, bi sexual hipster and his Mom Julia, also a fiddle player. Of the three, Cassie was the only one who kept my attention.  Sad Mark and sad Julia don't make for a compelling mother/son literary duo, the mother literally (and metaphorically!) unable to hear, the son unable to listen.

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