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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

left unanswered: What the fuck is a "skull kontrol"?

Be sure to check out the San Diego Union Tribune "Scenemaker" monthly feature with... Skull Kontrol! Yay!

Let's play the MO blind item guessing game:


Question: What a tool. Speaking of, who's the biggest tool in town right now?

MO: I'll describe him. He wears print hoodies, "DJs" crapola from a laptop, doesn't love music and does what he does for "chicks."

You may post guesses in the comment section. I KNOW who he's talking about- but I ain't talking shit. That doesn't mean anonymous commenters shouldn't' "SPREAD THE HATE."

And, for those of you who are going to cleverly nominate "cat dirt"- I don't know how to dj, and chicks hate me, fyi.

7/7/7 Cat Dirt Presents v. Skull Kontrol @ Beauty Bar San Diego
7/6/7 Cat Dirt Presents Vinyl Radio, Fifty on Their Heels, The Dirty Novels (Albuquerque, New Mexico!) @ The Ken Club

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