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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Description of My Panel @ The North Park Music Thing

North Park Music Thing Confirmed Panel Topics:

Creating a Music Town
        We’d all like to see our respective music communities grow and thrive, and this panel will feature discussions on just that. From increasing audience size and working with other artists to grassroots efforts and corporate tie-ins, discover methods that have worked to strengthen music scenes in the past as well as new techniques for the future.
Panelists include: 1 - Josh Feingold (SESAC), Scott Pactor (Law Office Of Scott Pactor), Scott Sheldon (, Mitchell Frank (Spaceland), Tim Mays  (The Casbah)

    I will be quietly listening to the people on the panel who know a lot more about music then me. 

    The North Park Music Thing is August 13th and 14th and you can buy tickets here

     I will share all of my secrets, and after the panel ends I will be giving a lecture on the book that I'm writing on the troubled relationship of intellectuals to music in history inside the bar area at the Hotel.  My lecture will be 20 minutes in length and accompanied by a hand out.  You can register for my lecture by going to my law office website and sending an email through the link there.   You must already be attending the North Park Music Thing to attend my bar room lecture.  The lecture is limited to five attendees.  

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