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Friday, January 22, 2010

Compiled Posts from January-June 2010

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

  Zeus:  God of Thunder.
  Jupiter: God of Thunder
  Odin:  God of Thunder

Meet the Owner of Kemado and Mexican Summer Records

I sat down with label owner Andres Santo Domingo and label head Keith Abrahamsson to get the latest and check out their new pad.   (BLACKBOOK)

For those of you who don't know who Lauren Davis is, she is a socialite that turned into a Fashion Editor or better said Contributing Fashion Editor for Vogue US. Her husband is billionaire Andrés Santo Domingo . (SOME GOSSIP BLOG)

Julio Mario Santo Domingo (born 1924) is a Colombian businessman and patriarch of the wealthy Santo Domingo family originally fromBarranquilla, Colombia. He is the son of (Julio) Mario Santo Domingo and Beatriz Pumarejo. He controls more than 100 companies in the diversified portfolio of the "Santo Domingo Group." He is listed by Forbes magazine as one of the wealthiest men in the world, and the second wealthiest in Colombia, with a fortune of $4 billion US dollars.

Julio Mario Santo Domingo was born in Panamá.
Mr. Santo Domingo owns homes in New York City, in Paris, and Baru, a private island he owns off Cartagena, Colombia.
He married firstly, an aristocratic Brazilian named Edyala Braga, with whom he had a son who died in 2009 from cancer:
  • Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Jr. (1958 - 2009) m. Vera Rechulski, a Brazilian socialite
    • Tatiana Santo Domingo (born November 24, 1983), the girlfriend of Andrea Casiraghi
    • Julio Santo Domingo, III (born May 2, 1985)
He married secondly, Beatrice Dávila, and has two sons:
  • Alejandro Santo Domingo Dávila (born 1977)
  • Andrés Santo Domingo Dávila m. (2008) Lauren Davis, a US Vogue contributing editor

Pretty DIY right?

"Who owns Kemado / Mexican Summer Records?

The Importance of Aphorisms in Music, Writing & Speech

Shirtless 50 Cent: Aphoristic Master with his 50 Rules of Power.

 Aphorisms are the general category for "saying," "maxims,"etc.  (wikipedia)

       If you are in the business of persuading audiences, then you would be well used to study aphorisms of all cultures. Buddhism, Hinduism and Confusionism are all rich sources of aphoristic thought.
      I try to come up with my own aphorisms in my spare time.  Here's one, "The intelligent man does something, the wise man, nothing."

Succesories Example: Focus

      Generally speaking the validity of an aphorism is entirely dependent on the audiences decision to accept it as valid.  Although today we associate aphoristic thought with writing, it is almost certainly more effectively when spoken to a live audience.

      Attempts to create series of aphorisms continue down to today.  Two days ago, the front page of Yahoo! featured a story on the "48 Rules of Power" and described their influence on rapper 50 Cent (!) (AMAZON), though a more long-running contemporary example are those "Succesories" posters that you see parodied.

      People who write those books or make money off aphorism generally are smart people.  People, on the other hand, who buy those books or form that audience, are, for the most part, idiots.  Tell me that you don't have to be a complete moron to appreciate the Successories posters in a non-ironic fashion. Tell me that 50 Cent is not an idiot. Think about the entire greeting card industry in the United States.  Big business.  Aphorisms.


success is a journey not a destination

dick clark's caravan of stars: 1959-1965

WROV HISTORY (1965):  Herman's Hermits, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Reparata and the Delrons, Myron Lee and the Caddies,  Bobby Freeman, the Hondells, Freddie Cannon, Detergents, Ikettes..



KIOA HISTORY (1964): Fabian, the Crystals, the Reflections, the Jelly Beans, the Dixie Cups.

AMAZON: No book.

BURGER RECORDS CARAVAN OF STARS (announced April 13th, 2010)



Artists, Human Sacrifice & Fertility Rituals

   I think there is rather tepid interest in the area of ancient fertility rituals among my audience, but I'm going to make a pitch for their relevance.  Praying for either the birth of a new child or the success of your crops every year is a tradition at the very center of what makes us all human.  A sterile humanity is a non-existent humanity, so it makes intuitive sense that the culture built up to ensuring fertility would dominate early history as well as pre-history.

     Like it or not, a primary method of ensuring fertility was human sacrifice.  Human sacrifice has some audience.  Your darker cultural groups, goths, fans of metal, romantics- they all have a penchant for more or less literal human sacrifice references.

    I don't think it's hard to imagine the kind of emotional response that this ritual would have generated among participants.  For more modern examples of this feeling you can think of a crowd reaction at a fight between Roman Gladiators or at a contemporary boxing match.  Or UFC fight, I suppose.  The fertility ritual is tied to blood, and lust.

   The primary aspect that drops out of modern discussions of the All Mother and Fertility Rituals is how terrible the mother was.  She demanded sacrifice.  This can be seen in the story of Adonis in Greek mythology, which is itself adopted third hand from the Babylonian story of Tammuz.  All of those stories involve a beautiful young man being basically eaten by his mother/lover in order to ensure the harvest.
   Those kind of feelings are an example of what Carl Jung was talking about when he theorized about the role of the subconscious in human personality.  The relationship between the conscious and subconscious parts of human behavior is a subject as old as the Upanishads, and a subject that has been the primary focus of areas as diverse as religion, philosophy, science and art.  And while the analytic discussion shifts between difference disciplines over time, the exploration of the unconscious is largely limited to religion and art.  Mostly, it's the role of the artist to explore the areas of the subconscious.  The Artist should acquire all tools possible to understand that role, mostly thought- tools of inquiry and frameworks of reference.


World Cup Day 6: Diego Forlan or Klaus Kinski

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Show Review: Heavy Hawaii & Nude Boy @ The Casbah

Nude Boy:  New band features Melissa and Derek from the Atoms as well as Kristl and Jojo.  Conventional rock set up:  Melissa on drums, Derek on guitar, Kristl on bass and Jojo also on guitar.  All four band members sing- Melissa and Kristl tend to toss voxs back and forth, whereas Derek sings separately. Myspace lists a split 7" w/ Heavy Hawaii on Single Screen Records.  2011?

Heavy Hawaii:  Def. some melodies and I thought the song writing was different, interesting and catchy.  Can't wait to hear how they clean up in the studio!  Good

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