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Monday, January 07, 2008

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Peahen of Golden Hill

Peahen!!! 21st street, this morning, 8:45am!

when trying to woo a peahen it is important to shake your tailfeathers vigorously like so:

if you are a rather plain fellow, try feathering your nest in an aesthetically pleasing array of flowers and black beetle shells:
Bower Bird BBC Segment Narrated by
David Attenborough

Overheard in San Diego: Sessions Fest

The web home of "Overheard in San Diego"

I love the Overheard in San Diego feature from the San Diego Reader, penned by friend-of-Cat-Dirt Jay Allen Sanford. And now they're all online- including my favorite- the Sessions Fest Overheard... Check it out...

Official 2008 Coachella Poster!!!

Official 2008 Coachella Poster!!!, originally uploaded by catdirtrecords.

Here it is via the Coachella website.

Show Review: Dead Meadow, Calico Horse, The Great Northwest

Dead Meadow performances occupy two of my top five shows ever, i.e. Arthur Fest, Los Angeles 2004 & Little Radio New Year's Eve, 2006. 2004 was a great show because Arthur Fest ended up being the inspiration for Sophie's Sessions Fest, and because we'd never heard of Dead Meadow before seeing them live- which is how you know you're really going to love a band- if you hear them for the first time live and you're like "Whoa." As for Little Radio's New Year's Eve- the photos speak for themselves.

Those memories, together with my absence from live music in the month of January, and frankly, through most of December, had me in a contemplative mood last night. I was put in mind of the melancholy landscape of Halldorr Laxness's Iceland, musing on the issue of progress, and whether anything ever changes, and really, whether anything ever should change.

Calico Horse started the show. They drew a strong crowd of local music fans. Obvious, to me, that Calico Horse is a pick for 2008 San Diego Music Awards "best new band" category. Emily (ex-Muslims) is the singer/guitar player/keyboardist that powers the band, though I note she's added Matt (ex-Influx Cafe, Blue Monday) on guitar and has a capable bassist and drummer. This was my first live encounter with Calico Horse and I found Emily an intriguing front woman.

Calico Horse has a rock baseline, but most of the songs have a light, lilting quality to them that put me in mind of Tori Amos. Emily's singing is charmingly imperfect. Sophie heard an early PJ Harvey quality in her singing. I was engaged by the performance and want to hear the recorded work. Judging from the attendance last night, Calico Horse already has an avid local following.

The intermediate band was The Great Northwest. They were an unknown quality (and to the Casbah as well, which had "The Great Northern" listed on the bill.) You can read their (PDF) bio here. Their frontman is Dead Meadow's sound guy (and was the sound guy for the Dandy Warhols) and the band sounded like it was fronted by the sound guy for Dead Meadow. Sophie and I sat out the set in the Atari Lounge, where Astra was nowhere to be seen. I guess they cancelled. I set the high score- AGAIN on the Ms. Pacman machine. By the way- open $20 wager to anyone who thinks he or she can beat me on that game- I'll be there for Night Marchers & Valentine's Day if you want to throw down- but you have to show me the money before we play.

Dead Meadow took the stage reasonably early- thank god for that. Most of their songs were from the new record, which Sophie doesn't like but I think is OK. As they progressed through their set, the crowd peeled off. It almost felt like Calico Horse outdrew Dead Meadow, which is... strange.

I always feel like Dead Meadow puts on a performance that is well in excess of the individual parts that are on stageI'm glad Dead Meadow moved to Los Angeles, and I hope they come back soon.

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