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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dirty Beaches Beijing Show Review

      January 22 of the D-22, Rose House analog recording the theme show, Dirty Beaches final appearance.
The band suffering from a severe cold, eating on the stage singing drug blow the nose, but the general cyclone swept through the entire site. Even the most moderate guy who, in the silence after the reading is not a cry sucker half a step from the back and started looking up.
         Buyiburao at the request of the audience, Dirty Beaches cover of the Stooges's "No Fun". Not really new, it may not make everyone feel great, there are awkward and dangerous. He put down the guitar pop, the crowd moved away.Liwen Tai in the crowd as he held slide, fall. People continue to Tuikai. Then he came to power and apathy to sing: "NO FUN, My Baby, NO FUN". That explosion of the moment, I think this guy will die of suicide, or drug overdose, or drink too much jump the bridge to swim drowned. (POORQUALITYPRIVATEHOUSESBLOG)

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