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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Show Review: Beaters, Moving Units @ The Casbah

    The Beaters played at the Casbah last night.  During their set, I was thinking about the Soft Pack nee Muslims, and what it was like to see that band play it's very first show, watching them play their fifth show, their 10th show, and seeing them move on.  I was also thinking about the Sess.  I think my first blog post was a review of a Sess show at a house party in City Heights in early 2006. (BAM)

   So what can you say: I felt old.

   You can call me "Grandpa" or "Gramps" if you are going to shorten it.  Someone pointed out (actually at least 3 separate people) the presence of Felicia Canales.  She is known for her defunct-for-now She has moved to twitter.  She has been written about in the Reader and City Beat

    I learned about sdgossipscene a minute ago.  Not a fan, but you know- I appreciate the effort.  Same way I appreciated  SD Fucko when that was going on.  I like her twitter fight with Josh Damigo.  Kids!

  Here is the bit.  I was standing there with a friend who knows her and he says to her, "Do you know who this is?" and she looks at me and says, "No I don't know you- are you" My three og readers understand how hilarious that line is.

   The Beaters were great- they are rounding into form.  I except them to sell some records on their tour with the Soft Pack.  I think they are a good opening band for alot of popular indie acts.  I wonder if they will be able to tour full time if they had the chance and I think...not.  We'll see.

  The Moving Units.  Ohhhhh.... the Moving Units.  A lot of people were there.  12 dollar cover. Place was packed.  And... that's it.

   And as far as scene gossip stuff goes.  I regret my involvement in that in the past.  The fact is... the internet is def. all about gossip, and there is a lot of interest, page views, traffic, etc.  But, in the end, the readers are using the blogger to be, in a sense, bad people.  Malicious people.  And while it's fun to be bad, in the end... everyone gets tired of it.  Then what are you left with.  Nothing.

  Personally, I wish music bloggers like Brooklyn Vegan would take some fucking responsibility for the sexist and racist comments that occur on their blogs.  Free speech is great, but a music blog isn't exactly War and Peace,  ya dig?  Bloggers of all shades and stripes need to own up to the fact the rumor mongering is the quickest way to go from "nobody cares" to "people read my blog"

      Whether it's Felicia herself or The Reader's exceable Blurt or City Beat's more tolerable whatever they call it. Or whether it's Brooklyn Vegan commenter, Perez Hilton, D-Listed or any of the other straight celebrity gossip blogs.  I'm not trying to single anyone out.  It's all gross, it's all stupid, and the fact that it is in some way co-terminus with local music speaks poorly to everyone involved.

     What does it build to?  A career talking shit about people or trashing artists?  Is that the goal? Sad.

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