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Monday, October 12, 2009

Live Journal, BBSes & Music Blogs

There are two pre-music blog phenomenons that form a basis for the culture of music blogging.  Both these phenomenons occurred in the period immediately before the music blog emerged, and both are distinct, historical  occurrences in the history of music and internet culture.

1.  Live Journal

Did you ever keep a 'live journal.'  Boy, I sure didn't. When live journal was popular, I didn't even know what a blog was.  Live Journal is more private, and not very oriented towards the public, but there was def. a community there, and specifically, a community, centered in nyc, of live journalers who were into indie rock.  Stereogum evolved out of this scene, maybe Brooklyn Vegan???  But the point is just that music blogs partially evolved out of the Live Journal community mostly in nyc, though w/ national participants, too.

2.  BBSes

Ok, so basically the music blog is pairing these live journal types with an existing community of bbs music nerds.  BBSers are basically what you call commenter's.

3.  Conclusion

Music blogs, at their heart, represent a collaboration between live journalists who moved from private to public posting, coupled with bbsers, who discussed related music on line in a pre-blog format.   One note is that if you look at the actual musical taste of these two groups there is a conflict: live journalists are stereotypically "Indie" while the bbs scene is def. more "nuggets""garage""punk," all american rock sub genres pretty much.

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