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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Show Review: Grand Ole Party, The Glossines, The Muslims(missed!), The Sess(missed!)

Missing bands doesn't usually bother me but last night missing the sess & muslims kid of hurt. In a sense, I was going to SEE the Sess, so missing them hurt. At least I'm promoting a show that they are headlining at the Che Cafe. That's some consolation.

The Glossines opened their set in true halloween fashion with a 3-4 song mini set of ZZ Top covers. Also, they were dressed as ZZ Top. ha-HA! Who doesn't love a little halloween garage rock girl band cover song action. Sharp dressed man? Who doesn't love that song? And others.

Even though I missed the Muslims, I heard some details of their ambitious, multi-platform release strategy. They will be releasing multiple records (7"s) through multiple indie record labels in the southern california area and then releasing a full length themselves. Un chapeau, Muslims. I am very comfortable with the "singles" strategy of releasing records through multiple smaller indie labels. Maybe with five or six indie labels you might begin to approximate having a real "label" involved.

So in a way I guess that also be an answer to the question "What else could you possibly write about the Muslims besides that Blurt piece?" How about, what record labels are partaking? What songs will be on what record? When will the records be released. Questions of that nature.

Grand Ole Party was dressed for the occasion in matching ghoul make up. The matchiness of the outfits suggests that esprit de corps remains high after their us dates with rilo kiley. My sense is that is working out well. I'd love to see more details of g.o.p.s adventures on the road. One of my favorite conversations EVER with Troy Johnson came when we were talking about Grand Ole Party- probably around this time in 2006. I said, "Why don't you write another article on grand ole party?" And Troy said, "Because I already DID a story on Grand Ole Party." Ah yes. But you see, people are interested in Grand Ole Party, and more people will read your writing if you write about them. It's important to high light the path of acts as they ascend through the music industry, that in itself is an interesting narrative.

The sold-out crowd raptuously embraced the home-coming. It seemed to me that Grand Ole Party has a little bit more... bounce? swing? groove? in their playing; like the infectious "good times" aspect of the song writing had been emphasized.

It's funny that they are effetively under the tutelage of rilo kiley. I'm not a fan of the music, but it's hard, from a music industry perspective, not to admire their rise from (essentially) the blogosphere to the big leagues. I have observed that some times the initial record contract is signed after the succesful completion of a bands first national tour. I'll just toss that out there.

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