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Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2007

7/6/7 Mexicali Show, originally uploaded by catdirtrecords.
Shows here start latteeeee.... like 11 PM, fyi if you want to check it out.

Greg Ashley (gris gris frontman) (Oakland)
Los Sweepers (Calexico/SD)
The Okmoniks (Tucson)

from Intertate 8 take 111 South until you hit the border
when you hit the calexico/mexicali border crossing, pick the border checkpoint on the left, stay on your leftest lane
once you cross stay on that lane because there is a fork and you wanna stay on the left side of the fork
you'll go straight on that street (which is called Madero),for about 2-3 miles
you hit the Justo Sierra stoplight, turn right
turn left on the Av. Cuauhtemoc stoplight
as soon as u turn go right into the first driveway/shopping center
Velouria bar is there

7/5/7: Death Set @ Scolari's or "The Office"
death set (baltimore) negative thinking (music video)

Death Set
@ Scolari's Office

don't miss this cool act from baltimore at San Diego's very best venue... from the same scene that brought you pony tail, dan deacon, video hippos, etc.

weekend schedule

Well, if you're not going to the great get back loretta, silent comedy, dirty sweet triple bill at SOMA (as the Union Tribune Street blog seems to be recommending (?- have we learned NOTHING???), this weekend is shaping up to be killer.

I wanted to tell everyone about Little Radio Summer Camp with Great Northern, the Upside Down, and CoCo B's on Sunday from 12 to 6 PM in Los Angeles.  The Little Radio venue is in the beating heart of the warehouse district of Los Angeles is a unique place to take in a show.  And- AND! It's filled with tons of hipsters.

I did a radio show there the "morning after" one of these shows and it looked like complete fucking mayhem.  The new years eve party I went to last year (see above picture and accompanying photo set on flickr) was pure mayhem.

You can get there by mapquesting this address:
1210 Long Beach Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

Once you get there you can just buy a ticket.   However- the event is from 12-6pm. So- early start time.

As for San Diego- you know you need to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.  Don't go see Dirty Sweet at SOMA, don't go see the show that cancelled at the Casbah on Saturday- the headliner cancelled, aight?

Friday night- it's Vinyl Radio, Fifty on Their Heels and The Dirty Novels @ the Ken Club.  It's going to be a blast.  The Dirty Novels- from albuequerque new mexico- are a must see. $5- and don't even give me that guest list crap if you get there after 10 PM.  And please do not shame our city by ignoring the touring band. Hey! Pay Attention!

Saturday night- this is going to be a really fun night at the Beauty Bar San Diego.  Anyone who was at the Battles show last week know how fun the Beauty Bar can be when the energy is right- and I want the energy to be right for this event.  This may be your first and only chance for cat dirt to secure a shot at the promoting big time (ha, ha, ha), and I know for a fact that the Beauty Bar gives promoters ONE chance! ONE!

Let's look at the competition on Saturday night:

Berlin @ House of Blues.  Ok- this is a real listing.
Transport presents The Soft.Lightes @Whistle Stop. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Well- it'll be sooooo crowded- what a bummer.  You won't even be able to see him.

So- on friday and saturday night- make the right decision.

TONIGHT: Skull Cat Control @ Beauty Bar San Diego

skull cat control, originally uploaded by catdirtrecords.
Fifty on Their Heels
The Vultures
et Skull Kontrol Dj's
9 PM
get there early
stay late
dance dance dance
and fucking drink a ton.... please.

I'll never get another chance if this night doesn't go well- that's just a fact.

Last night was fine, not great.  I don't know why the staff at the ken club treat the bands and promoters like such dog shit.  It really doesn't make any sense to me.  It doesn't really bother me- except I feel bad for the bands, because they don't deserve to be treated like crap when they are drawing people to the bar.

We drew 60 paid, 25 comped, and maybe 40 people in the bar area who stayed all night but never paid to go the show.  An Ok night- better then the rythym lounge shows (which draw about 50 total, paid plus unpaid).

One of the guys from The Roman Spring was there- check them out at the Casbah this week- I know I'm going.  Joey Guevara and Molly Rose stopped by- Molly's new band Roses on Her Grave is playing next... friday night at the tower bar with Scarlet Symphony and... the Scene(los angeles).  Amanda and Heather from San Diego House Parties showed up- Heather is working with the people at the Mount Helix venue- they are planning something fun for october...  Rosey Dialed In showed up- super pissed off about Band of Horses.  Fuck those guys- who the fuck do they think they are?  Total Bullshit.

The sound last night was terrible- apologies- not sure what's up with that- the ken club is so hit or miss with the sound quality.  HOWEVER- buy some fucking earplugs if you are going to come out, aight?  It's just good to have them. Don't show up to the club and then complain becaus the rock music is "too loud"- that makes you look like a sucker.

The Dirty Novels were super professional... Pablo asked if they were supposed to play on the tiny stage inside the bar.  When I laughed he said "oh we play stages that small all the time" and then I said, "Yeah- so do we."  The crowd was respectful and appreciatve of their  glammy/dirty rock stylings.  Pablo exudes quite a presence both on and off stage.  I would recommend them highly to rock promoters in the southern california area- and they rule nothern new mexico with an iron fist, so they are a pretty good band to hook up in your town.  Pablo said they had just gone out to new york and were coming back out in the fall- so you'll get another chance to check them out.

Fifty and Vinyl did their magic.  It's a pretty good one-two local punch.  It was Matt's b day so CDW made up some cup cakes and handed them out to the crowd.  We're like family.  Thanks everyone for coming out- sorry the sound was so bad. I try the best I can.

Show Review: The Vultures, The Roman Spring w/ Skull Kontrol DJ's @ the Casbah

As I've said to Tim Pyles about fifteen times, "Tim Mays should start other "franchises" on the Casbah's "weak/week nights"(i.e. tuesday, wednesday, thursday) similar to the Anti Monday League- i.e. local bills when there is "nothing" on the calendar, and totally kick ass touring shows when the opportunity arises.  That way, you maintain some awareness of the night itself, building "brand" identity for say, wednesday at the casbah, and then when you get a good touring act you just kill it.  

I've got lots of ideas, and lots of advice, just read this posts and my past, even more so with the earlier posts, some ideas are good, some ideas are bad - Matty, I browbeat you with ideas because I care.  If I'm not barraging you and your band/club/radio station/publication with ideas and "advice" then it means I pretty much don't give a fuck about what you're doing right now and/or I'm taking a break from harassing you (Troy - I'm giving you a month off for summer).

So "Skull Kontrol Wednesday".  That's one extension of the Anti Monday league concept.  Of course, Tim Mays still calls the shot- if a touring band is in town, that show gets booked and the local stuff does not.

As it stands, the opening band on a three band bill a the casbah on a bad night really takes it in the chin.  Such was the case for the Roman Spring, who played an (unphotographed?) show with Fifty on Their Heels @ the Rythym Lounge under the august "banner" of Cat Dirt Presents.  Not sure if this was their casbah debut or not.  They opened with the single. That single was the "local member of the day" song over at ye' olde' 94/9.

Hey guys- here's a tip for that local page- "dynamic content" i.e updates on a regular basis. Like- instead of just adding the Local Member of the Day to a web page, make it- I don't know- a blog entry or something.  With a link to their myspace page.  What would that take- 5 seconds for intern?  No?  It will increase your web traffic and help you sell more ADS.

Frankly, I was looking forward to seeing them after the Rythym Lounge, which- fyi has TERRIBLE sound.  Do I have to buy equipment and shit?  That's one reason to play the casbah over some... other venue... people are more likely to listen to you if the sound is GOOD, as supposed to TERRIBLE.

The focus point of the Roman Spring is the 19 year old (boy) singer who has a kind of croon/warble that- coupled with his flannel shirts- can we work on that look? reminded me of... I dunno... Silverchair?  That's not an insult, I hope.

The band is comprised of the bassist- fuck- forgot his name- who is a cool guy, has a connection to... Capicorn? studios? Here in town.  They have a second guitarist- the singer plays guitar. Drummer, of course.  One idea would be to try to let the singer perform without the guitar- I GENERALLY support that concept (Kristin- it can't hurt to TRY it, at least... in practice? just to see how it feels?)  

I have pretty much come to the conclusion of any potential commercial success (i.e. record deal, publishing deal, maangement, etc) is based on the presence of charisma on the part of one of the band members.  If you're going to play the "big stage" you need someone prancing around on stage like a demented elf.

The jammy alt rock sound shows some promise.  I wanted more angularity.  Angular gutiar?  I love that characteristic, and the funky jammy Roman Spring parts left me yearing for great angularity.  And they should play their single- "Pain" LAST not first. Hello?

IN BETWEEN SETS:  I talked to Branden, Andrew- has anybody seen his "posse"?, Mario, Natalie, Kristin- "Our album is coming out... at... the...end of august? i think."  Kristin has now assumed ownership of Branden's trademark Palestinian head scarf.  

The big reason I went to Casbah last night was to see the Vultures.  And to browbeat Matty from the Muslims about the possible las vegas showcase from 8/7 to 8/10 (possible).  Matty, I got the sense, did not appreciate the browbeating ("We have to write some fucking songs!").  Anyways- people have been giving Vultures crap here and elsewhere- and fuck that.  Personally, I love the Vultures.

1)  Chuck Rowland is a sneering, inspired punk front man with quality, first rate front man moves.  Given some of the criticism directed his way ("Wa. He plays cover songs.", "Wa he incorporates elements of others performance style.")  Hey you scenester fucks fuck off.  What the fuck?  You all love Junior from Fifty on Their Heels- or maybe you don't but- what exactly is the problem here?

I thought his performance last night was great- I love it how he slams the mic stand into the stage at the beginning of each song in time with the first note.  Now is that his move, or what?  Either way- it doesn't matter- it's a GOOD move, and I've never seen it before.  You know- I'm just a simelpton who likes the Velvet Underground.

2) The backing band is impeccable- Dan Wise (Kill Me Tomorrow, Starlite Lounge) is an impeccable bassist.  Jimmy Vulture (guitarist) and Nick Lennen (drums) were also directly on point, showing skills that place the band- aside from Chuck Rowland in the upper echelon of San Diego rock acts.  

In fact, I think they should bring cback "Chuck Rowland and the Vultures", and make it a more anatagonisitic relationship during the set.  I thought Jimmy's guitar work was really good- Junior has to play guitar and sing at the same time, and that necessarily impacts the guitar work.  In that way the Vultures and Fifty on Their Heels are different.  Jimmy also uses... pedals.  So mysterious? What do they all do?  Last night was the first time I can recall seeing a guitarist playing with pedals and being like "oh cool."

3) The songs are good.  No one is trying to deny that there are covers intermixed- even if I am not sophisticated enough to catch them.  But who gives a fuck?  Bitter scenesters, that's who.

4) I would think that this would be a band that would do very well with the "kids" because of some of it's broader elements.  They would be a good pick up for a booking agency- especially since you could probably get them on the next locust tour or some girls or whatever.  But- the broadness of it- is the key.

Anyways, I'D go to see the Vultures at SOMA or Epicentre.  And they should play LA- have they played LA yet? Part Time Punks? I don't know.

Show Review:  Wild Weekend @ CHOB; Five Minutes of Gabe Vega's B Day Bash; Drive Bys: Tower Bar, Pink Elephant

JFCD and JGFJFCD are in town for the weekend. They didn't even get to sd until 930 PM, so I went to see all girl Zero's cover band "Wild Weekend" at the CHOB. Wild Weekend features Kelly Alvarez, Maren Squiddo and the two ladies from the Atoms. The Zero's are a 70s(?) Chula Vista(?) punk band that sound like... a punk band from the 70s. The crowd was large and appreciative- the Chula Vista scene was in the fucking house: The Sess (record release party at the Tower Bar 8/10 w/ Vision of A Dying World), Atoms were most def. in the house, Power Chords of course and the various and sundry CV scene stars that I know an love. But no Chad? Where was Chad? Atoms and PChords are heading to Seattle and back. Let me know about the "new venue" in Tacoma guys- you're living my dream! I want to be a "tour manager" on a tour up to Seattle and back.

It was good to see Kelly Alvarez perform, live, for the first time ever. More of that. Wild Weekend is playing Sessions Fest. Sessions Fest is 9/15. Non CV personalities- Bart Mendoza and Anna Troy-- anyone else notice that they hang out a lot? Corvinas were representing- check out Kadan next thursday 7/19- with Fifty on Their Heels- the flyer is up in the gallery. If you haven't seen the Corvinas yet, you are sleeping. Garage Mex is the shit. The Corvinas are comers.

JFCD wanted to see the Beauty Bar San Diego for the first time, so we drove over. I was hoping I could at least say "happy birthday" to Vega, but I didn't actually see him- or saw him from afar. Beauty Bar was a mad house- we listened to New Order (natch) and walked out after five minutes- nothing personal. Happy Birthday to Gabe Vega- he just turned 26!

Drove by Tower Bar- looked crazy. Drove by Pink Elephant- looked crazy. What's up with everyone being out the weekend I want to go out? Ended up at Hamiltons saw had a beer, ate mexican food went to bed.

Cat Dirt House Party tonight. Invite only. What's up with tonight? It's totally wack- thus- the house party.

Show Review:  Daft Punk Los Angeles & David Beckham

I don't believe in taking pictures for my blog anymore. It's like- if you need a picture of a running polar bear- just find a picture- don't fly to the arctic, rent a helicopter, and chase down a polar bear with your enormous telephoto lens- just- you know- find another picture.

Went to the David Beckham debut at Home Depot Center in lovely, lovely Carson Califorina- then followed it up with a quick jaunt up the 110 (through South Central Los Angeles- Slauson holla!) and to Daft Punk Los Angeles Sports Arena (USC Campus). A fun day, to be sure.

The LA Galaxy v. Chelsea game was at 530 PM. Parking was $20! The Home Depot Center is on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills (WTF?) but is totally state of the art, and reminded me or REAL socccer stadia I've been to in the past- like Chelsea's snug little place in London. Soccer stadia tend to be smaller as a rule- 25K instead of 50k- even for the biggest teams. Anyway- the design of the Home Depot Center is first rate, the only bummer was a single ATM within walking distance. Since parking was $20 I had to use it, because parking at Daft Punk was $15.

The atmosphere inside was very jovial- it was interesting to see 1) Chelsea Supporters! 2) Old v. New Galaxy Fans. I was literally stunned to see the number of "fans" who were, in fact, wearing David Beckham jerseys- the sporting equivalent of "wearing the t shirt of the band you're going to see." Also, lots of guys in tucked in polo shirts and $400 expertly shredded jeans. Also interesting to hear so many british accents.

The Chelsea fans sang songs and shit- the Galaxy fans did nothing. Get on that! A cheer? something? although the Galaxy fans in the bleachers did stomp their feet to create a racket, there's nothing like a good soccer jeer/cheer. Maybe Chivas games would be more "soccery"? Anyways- I'm looking at buying tickets on stub hub, so count that a success. thanks to jfcd for the ticket hook-up, 7th row off the field, what!? also fun was the 24 oz. beers served in large plastic cups for $12. although your beer gets warmer faster in a big cup, there's something satisfying about a large beer in your hand watching a bit of footie.

After the game it was total mayhem in the parking lot but we managed to navigate down Avalon Blvd (or should I say North) and were quickly on the 110N- which runs from pretty much straight through the beating heart of downtown los angeles. The freeway has these massive public transportation stations that rise up from between the two sides of the 110- and I had never seen anything like them in Los Angeles before. I certainly don't use the 110N. Got freeways on the brain, it seems.

Daft Punk totally sold out the Los Angeles Sports Arena. It was quite an impressive display- getting 8K or whatever Southern Californians (and beyond- Phoenix? holla?) whipped up into a frenzy using the following elements:
1. electronic music.
2. triangle with screens on it
3. colored lights
4. two guys dressed in robot suits.

It kind of represents a culmination of a process that can be traced at least back to the "be-ins" of San Francisco, through the club culture in London, Paris and Berlin, with, of course, a heavy, heavy, heavy dose of american arena rock culture. And really- now that you're thinking about it- doesn't the entire process that began with Daft Punk and led to Justice a more or less conscious(i.e. manipulative) attempt to generate a music genre that will appeal to a mass american audience? Mull it over- I think the answer is "yes". And you know what- MORE POWER TO THEM. I wish Daft Punk 100 dates of sold out arena tour in the U.S. more than anything.

Signs of the conscious effort at work were most at issue during the inter set dj performance by Kavinsky and/or Sebastian. A fairly benign set of French electro house bangers veered into the slightly insane with a "remix/edit" of Rage Against the Machine's anthem... I don't know the song title- the one where he screams in the chorus (okay, okay, "killing in the name of"). But it seemed like every head/fist in the audience was banging/pumping - 20 minutes away from the head act, with the house lights on. It was refreshing to be around people, even where we were in the loge seats (behind frankie chan), who were into the music, dancing like it was their last. The genuinely enthusiastic response of the sold out crowd is credit to the fact that these guys- (these guys = two members of daft punk and their manager/ed banger record label owner busy p) have figured out how to sell electronic music to American audiences. In fact, I would go so far as to say-- they thought about this a lot, and the Daft Punk arena show is itself the culmination within a culmination.

Simply put- the whole thing is brilliant, and very, very commerically effective. Arena rock itself should take note of this commerical and "artistic" success- and ask itself the question- Why can't there be more arena rock shows that are as financially lucrative and artistically successful as a daft punk show?

How does something like last night even happen in the modern day music/culture industry? Daft Punk had little advertising, no record out, hasn't played america more then once in the last decade, never charted(?), not on the radio, had a couple minor hits, been sampled by a couple of rap artists.

All I can say is- it's a credit to the artist and, I think, to the management- for using the Ed Banger label as a sort of advance force/precursor that undoubtedly successfully "sold tickets" to the Daft Punk concert.

I'll leave the musical descriptions to those, perhaps, who witnessed the show for the first time last night. I will say I thought this performance surpassed their Coachella performance. The crowd was bigger and more into it, the set was longer, and the lights and color show was more fully developed.  We left drenched, sore and tired but in awe and inspired. Sessions Fest anyone?

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