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Monday, February 05, 2007

February 2007:

fifty on their heels is back; playing beauty bar san diego on thursday

i wouldn't call fifty on their heels performance at the beauty bar san diego "legendary", but "semi-legendary"; maybe. i mean, first on their heels played the first opening night of the beauty bar - december 30 last year, that was a fun night - chaos! whatever, you don't want to miss it on thursday... plan "A" for sheezy, my neezy(sic). last time they played the beauty bar was november 17 with teenage talking cars

cat dirt weekender(edit): grand ole party/the vultures/the muslims friday @ tower bar

um... i probably should have had this in my original friday listing intead of a show that was happening next week. oops

Grand Ole Party
The Vultures
The Muslims
$3/ 21+

i have received word that the atoms @ liars club is @ 7 PM, so that's a fairly obvious one-two punch.

holy shit does san diego have it going on right now.

steve reich "six pianos" mp3 (live perfromance 1977)

i was scrolling through my hype machine rss feed(awesome!) when I saw this little gem- an mp3 of steve reich's seminal "six pianos" in all it's 18 minute glory. although reich is categorized as a "classical" musician, his experiments with overlapping sounds and reptition are a CLEAR forerunner of the move toward electronic music. he was undoubtably a direct influence on the early creators of modern "electronic" music and "kraut rock". Reich is from the San Francisco area, but his influence is international, and i don't think it's a stretch to call him the most important composer of the 20th century. hard to believe that is a performance from 1977, but there you go...

steve reich "six pianos" mp3(live, 1977)

show review: fifty on their heels @ powder room

or should i say "soon to be discontinued powder room". What's up with that- they booked Flosstradamus, Paparazzi and GUNS N' BOMBS this year, so i don't know what the story is with the "last powder room" business. anyone want to tell me why guns n' bombs is the last powder room?

anyway- fifty played last night b/c it was Stefanie's b day. Stefanie is a member of "Vega Inc." and we all love her (some members of fifty on their heels more than others). most of you probably know stefanie as the door lady for transport and vega's nights @ the beauty bar san diego. or from her work at a salon, or her job at that burger place, or maybe from hPublish Poster studies at UCSD. she is busy, and, as of last night... 22. ha-ha. Happy 22nd birthday, Stefanie.

So basically last night was a special birthday performance. fifty on their heels played 2 new compositions. since we're not going to sxsw, we now have time to finish recording our full length. i was modestly pleased with the thursday night turn out. i think it's impossible to say whether powder room really has any momentum as a night, but they are booking great dj acts. i'm really looking forward to guns n bombs, and i'm wondering who is going to replace powder room. also i'm wondering- does vega book all the musical acts there or what? is he still offically working for the beauty bar- or does he just have a night or two? i find the business relationships of beauty bar san diego to be wholly impenetrable, which is saying something for a criminal defense attorney with experience in white collar crime and the music world. honestly, i would say the lack of clarity lends itself to a nickname like "the beauty bar mafia". not in the organized crime sense, but certainly in the organizational sense, since, like the mafia, the relationships and hierarchy are obscured by a veil.

I mean, let me ask you- who books the casbah? tim mays. who books canes? pamela johnson. A lack of clarity in the booking contact operates to the detrimnet of the venue, all other things being equal. i guess it's all a business/power struggle, but one thing is key- control of the booking calendar is ultimate control. every promoter should be shooting for that.

anyway, from what i heard last night, the songwriting for fifty has grown and matured. the new songs are more "post-punk" then "punk" and have a more ambitious feel to them. junior executed a near perfect spin move (been working on that one, junior?). and i was pleased to see real people mouthing lyrics to songs and enjoying themselves. the crowd grew larger during the set, which was weird.

some people sat at the bar during fifty on their heels set- like--- kid lighting aka jamal aka house of blues booker(?)- that's you in the expos hat? yes? hey man, that's cool. i just wonder what booking at the house of blues san diego even actually does, since 90% of their acts are booked nationally (on tours of other house of blues locations!). i dunno, the bottom line is that i've never met him, so maybe i'll just introduce myself next time. honestly, that probably just means he doesn't like fifty on their heels- i'm cool with that- it's like anya marina. i respect people who aren't afraid to let other people know that they aren't into their sound.

i actually caught his dj set before flosstradamus and i was really impressed- i heard some dj assault, and, i'm thinking- some dj funk, too. ghettotecg 4 eva (disco d rest in peace!). so the fact is, he was there, and he didn't watch the fifty on their heels set. that's all i'm saying. not a big deal, but noted.

like the folks who hang outside during casbah performances- it doesn't matter, all it means is that you don't give a fuck about the band that is playing, and that is the band's problem to deal with- not yours. it's just funny because at SOME shows- that doesn't happen (skull kontrol). the lower the percentage of people not watching the band, the cooler the crowd. how's that for a rule of thumb?

people who only listen to rock music are poor suckers

i really can't emphasize enough how sorry i feel for the poor lonely guys listening to their 7"'s in their bed rooms, unhappy in love and HATING dance music, mostly because they can't tell good dance music from crappy dance music, and also probably because they have never dated a hot chick who is into good dance music, and also probably because they can't dance and they're just dorky, nerdy, guys who think "dance music sucks". no- it is you who suck, not the dance music, and if you can't be bothered to even try a new thing once in a while, well screw you. i've been dealing with guys like you for 15 years now, and all i have to say is "how's that working out for you?" do you like hanging around, glowering, at the casbah? is it fun for you? are you having a good time?

acid girls 2/15/07 Powder Room(Beauty Bar San Diego)
guns n bombs 2/22/07 Powder Room(Beauty Bar San Diego)
MSTRKRFT 3/4/3 Below(!)

acid girls mix tape from mid-january(ysi)

guns and bombs mixtape vol. 2(mp3)(YSI)

acid girls track listing:
-Patrick Adams - Disco Juice (AG intro edit)
-Spank Rock - Sweet Talk (beat)
-AG vs JT - Stab My Love
-Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger
-Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House (Speaker Junk remix)
-Missy Elliot - 4 My People
-Mr Oizo - Patrick122
-Jamelia - Something About You (Crookers rmx)
-J-Kwon - Tipsy (Radio Slave remix)
-Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks
-Solid Groove & Sinden - Red Hot
-Digitalism - Zdarlight
-The Gossip - Standing In the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
-Daft Punk - Around the World
-Tiga - Move My Body (Faex's notonly4erol edit)
-The Pixies - Velouria (Acid Girls edit)
-TTC - Quand Je Claque Des Doigts
-UNK - Walk it Out
-UNK - Walk it Out (chopped & screwed by acid girls)
-Klaxons - Golden Skans (SebastiAn 2.1.0 AG re-chop)
-Mustapha 3000 - Kongo Thong
-Armand Van Helden ft. Fat Joe - Touch Your Toes
-Patrick Cowley - Get a Little (Acid Girls edit)
-Spank Rock - Sweet Talk (beat)
-AG vs JT - Stab My Love (reprise)
-Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (stab)
-Beastie Boys - Slow and Low on loop
-Crystal Castles - No Skin
-Basement Jaxx & Speaker Junk - Just a Beat

show review: mira cook @ the habitat

this is mira's official picture from the san diego city ballet website, where she is a dancer and choreographer.

apologies for using the up and up ballet photo, but i can't find a myspace or anything. i will replace it if someone gets me a more appropriate pic.

last night was another show at the habitat- i didn't mention it in advance, because, frankly, they don't need anymore attendees.  the place is packed up!  the habitat is my favorite place to see shows in san diego right now- interesting acts, mellow vibe, great atmosphere.  i didn't really have anything in mind last night when i strolled over around nine, just wanted to see what was up.

what was up was mira cook.  mira cook is a ballet dancer and singer/songwriter.  unlike most singer/songwriter types, mira does not accompany herself on guitar... instead- she uses a looping device to sing along with her own voice.

all in all, i thought she was pretty fucking brilliant- best new artist 2007 san diego music nominee for sure (well, if there is any justice in this world, and we all know there isn't).  stylisticly, she lies somewhere in between vespertine era bjork, steve reich and early liz phair.  is that enough to get you interested?  she was amazing last night.

truly a unique sound and a compelling artistic vision that, in mind view, transcends the parameters of pop music (although there is pop appeal).

i can't wait to see here again- my only question is- when is her next show? everyone needs to see mira cook to get a feel for the eerie power of her songwriting and presentation.

mira cook bed room recordings(?) book of love(cover)(YSI)(MP3)

mira cook bed room recordings(?) track 4(YSI)(MP3)

the relationship between corporations of the cultural industrial complex and authentic sub cultures

A "sub culture" is a group of people who share a common "culture taste". Sub cultures often share unifying characteristics (beyond shared culture taste) like a geographical area or an age group. However, it is the shared culture taste that is the sine qua non of any particular sub culture.

Specific sub cultures most often develop initially around one facet of culture taste (fashion, music, film, art), but more powerful sub cultures will exapnd into new areas of culture taste over time.

The cultural-industrial complex is fully aware of the relationship between sub cultural development and product sales. Sub cultures often embrace certain products well in advance of the culture at large and so can serve as an indicator for future sales. The mandarins of the cultural industrial complex require control and long lead times to bring products to market, and the vagaries of sub cultural taste do not work according to the quarterly reporting requirement of Wall Street. This makes the relationship between the cultural industrial complex and authentic sub cultures uneasy. The cultural industrial complex does not PREFER to deal with sub cultures, rather it will resist a particular sub culture up and until it's "market power" is demonstrated by identifable metrics (sales, most often).

This uneasy relationship between sub cultures themsleve and the cultural industrial complex has produced a recognizable (though highly fluid) class of intermediaries. The intermediaries are publiic relations experts, independent record label owners, advertising executives, guerrilla marketers, venue owners, night life promoters, journalists, radio dj's, graphic designers, etc. etc. etc.

Certain geogrpahical locations become repeat incubators for new sub cultural development. The emergence of new sub cultures as a market force can typicall be traced to a confluence of the sub culture itself, a central hub of a particular culture industry- and- this is the most important part- the presence of intermediaries who simeltaneously maintain spaces in both the sub cultures AND the cultural industrial complex.

The harnessing of a particular sub culture to the propganda organs of a specific culture industry is a significant event, for that is the mechanism by which the "culture taste" of the mass market is changed over time. Any change in the culture taste of the mass market producers new winners and new losers within the mass market. obviously, the corporations which constitute the cultural industrial complex maintain a big advantage, but the most opportunity is presented to those individuals who can influence the decision making process of specifiic culture industry corporations.  The only possible goal for those employed by the corporations is to influence the decision making process. Financial benefits accrue to the top decision makjers of a corporation. Intermediaries are the predictors of the cultural industrial complex. The sub cultures themselves never benefit financially from the dissemination of their particular culture taste to the mass market. They may move on to create new sub cultures or stop particpating in sub cultures (adopting the mass market culture taste laster in life).

For those employed by the corporations of the cultural industrial complex, there is sigificant potential financial/career advantages to maintaing contact with multiple sub cultures, specifically those that create products that could be selected for dissemination by the propaganda organs of the culture industry. Similarly, the actual particpants of the sub culture can only benefit by creating products for the culture industry, OR mimicing the distribution mechanisms of the culture industry.

the pyles session with fifty on their heels

ah the funny part is when justin unpacked his drum kit and found one of his high hats missing. the whole recording was almost cancelled, but ace producer alan sanderson found the needed part in a junk drawer inside the studio and we were all saved from disaster.

can't thank strate sound recording studio enough - they are the fucking bomb. major props to alan sanderson for being the man with the place. and mr. strate- who is clearly a man with excellent taste in music- and he is super into the project.

truckee brothers april... the power chords in june.

the recording session went great- five songs were recorded- i am the riot, holliday, outside world, chickens!, moving on up. it will be on the radio between 8 and 10 PM on sunday. all five songs exist as mp3s.

don't forget to come out tonight to the ken club- fifty on their heels, new motherfuckers and zerox.... should be fun...

show review: fifty on their heels, the new motherfuckers & zerox @ the ken club

thank you to all those who turned out. the show was termed a success by the owner of the ken club. here is what he said to me after the show, "it's really a testament to how well fifty on their heels draws, because you had a band from los angeles and an all ages band before them." he said that to me after the show.

zerox led off- they are the latest offering from the chula vista scene.

i really liked zerox- despite the fact that they can barely play. here's a hint: that's what makes them so cool! the lead singer has charamatic stage presence and a v.v. darby crash vibe, which is cool. hopefully this show will get them more gigs.

new motherfuckers came down from los angeles for this show. i'm trying to develop an audience for them down here by bringing them down repeatedly. i think they are like the talking heads(initial comparison made by josh feingold). there is an incredbile "upside" to the new motherfuckers and any potential album they might put out. i think i'd like to release that album. there were some discussions about it. when i started cat dirt, i thought it would be an exclusively "san diego" record label, but, i'm pretty much over that idea right now. it would be nice to have geographical diversity on the roster of artists- it would be easier to book shows for BOTH bands, and build up awareness of the label OUTSIDE of san diego. so nothing in stone about that-- just a dialogue that's kind of gong on. i told them they would have to change their name to "sunshine dandellion" for the radio play... ha ha.

i was pleased to see tim pyles(94/9), owen salerno(94/9), josh hammond(91x) and rich biacco (union tribune): would have been a great networking opportunity for all the chula vista bands that came and left- but hey- we all know they don't give a fuck whether anyone LIKES them OR NOT.

fifty on their heels shot some footage for a video that's being put together by some "friends" of the band. personally- i don't think "licensed videographer" is a real title, but you wouldn't know it from the way they were throwing that term around the ken club last night. this isn't the sun set strip. shooting on that continues on... um... the city bus system... today. can't wait to see that video. my guess is that it will be wierd and artsy- with tons of punk attitude!

fifty on their heels played a great set to an apprecitive audience. if you haven't seen them in a while you should come out and hear their four new songs- two of which will be on the 7" coming out in april, and two of which are on the pyles session mp3s. now rocking on my station!

so that's about it- we clocked about 35 or so paid admissions, but with all the comps- at least 50 during the course of the night and the 10-15 people who sneaked in at the end to hear the fifty on their heels set(i saw you, but.. it's cool.) at the end of the night there was a good, apprecative crowd listening to fifty on their heels, the touring band got paid and the owner was pleased and invited us back "anytime". you'll be hearing from me! i have a metal show i want to do! leather nun and buzz or howl! i'm going to hook that up ha ha.

it was cool to see how "hands on" the owner was- he seemed to have a good (market driven) understanding of the local music scene. he was like- "get another local band that has a good draw and you'd really have something." and i was like "i'd rather have this something then a huge night." the point is simply not to lose money, and to have another show. oh- and i fucking HATE having to collect money- but fuck you- it's $5. with the exception of really young kids- to whom i know five bucks is a big deal- the adults- who fucking would like, poke their head in the room, or stand in the doorway listening... are you kidding me? fuck off, alright? they should charge the people in the bar away a separate one dollar cover. that is the one thing i hate about the ken club. but analytically, it's like- a market that you have to try to pull into paying for your show- like- they'll look at the poster and have a little conversation about whether to go in or not. so if you can pull people in from the bar- that is better then having no audience at the venue at all.

oh and zerox is the fucking hotness- they have real authenticity! the singer is like darby crash! you can use those quotes for your myspace blog.

also, i dropped off the masters from the ep off with preston swirnoff(habitat sound system). i bought his new lp, and he said that the next habitat sound system full length is coming out on soul jazz records! fuck yeah! we talked about distribution for cat dirt records - he already has distribution as an ARTIST because he is the shit. that would be a positive step for cat dirt records- but i've been told i need to wait until i have actual product to distribute...

Sessions Fest 2007

Will Sessions Fest be free again this year? yes.
Will Sessions Fest be all-ages? yes.
Will Sessions Fest be in golden hill park? we hope
Can I bring food, drinks to picnic at Sessions Fest? yes.
Can I bring my kids to Sessions Fest? yes.
Can I bring my dog(s) to Sessions Fest? yes.
Is there free parking for Sessions Fest? yes.
Will there be bbq and vegan burgers this year? we hope
Who will play Sessions Fest this year? we don't know yet, but here are some of the bands we like: fifty on their heels, the new motherfuckers, the muslims, atoms, the new collapse, vinyl radio, the sess, the bubonic plague, xerox, vision of a dying world, habitat sound system, the prayers, grand ole party, red pony clock, the boyish charms, the power chords, ima fucking gymnist, kite flying society, abe vigoda, society! - who would you like to see?

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