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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Robin Roth Named Music Director At 91x, Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Robin Roth, 91x Music Director 6/11/12

 In what has to be the biggest "local music" story of the year, hands down, 91x has named LOCAL MAIN STAY Robin Roth as their music director.  What does it all mean?  Congratulations to Robin Roth for the new gig.  That makes her like the most powerful person in San Diego local music?

 I also found that the current owner hired Christy Taylor as the program director after Capone left.

Garrett Capone left 91x in January of 2012. Garrett Capone left to work at Crush Management, who manages, among others, Wavves. I guess the Music Director, or MD, works for the Program Director, or PD.  I only have one question: Who gets the cash payouts to ensure that we listen for Stone Temple Pilots for an eternity? No I'm just joking ha ha.  Is Garrett Capone managing Wavves at Crush Management? Can Garrett Capone get 91x to play the next Wavves single.  I guess you just need the right person to hand over the full bag of cash.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Jane Austen

Book Review
Northanger Abbey
by Jane Austen
p. 1818
Public Domain Books 1994
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    It's appropriate to end any survey of Jane Austen's body of work with Northanger Abbey.  Northanger Abbey was both the first book she ever completed for publication and the last book to be published. Part of the mystique surrounding Jane Austen derives from the fact that none of her prep work/juvenilla survived.  All we have are the Novels and criticism/biography that started only after her death.

    Essentially, Northanger Abbey's publication history is the most interesting, enduring facet of the work.  Written by Jane Austen as early as 1798, 1799, it was sold to a publisher who simply sat on it for a decade.  Jane then moved to buy back the manuscript, which she did, during her life, in 1813, however she never published it.  Northanger Abbey was published instead posthumously as part of a four volume set containing Northanger Abbey, Persuasion and two volumes of biographical material. 

   It is fair to say that Northanger Abbey is not as sophisticated as Austen's later works, but it is also fair to say that none of her other books were written when she was 23-24 years old.  It's incredible that the book simply wasn't published, especially when you compare Austen's already established third-person narrator to the clumsy epistolary novels and picaresques of the 18th century English literary scene. 

  That should be quite a consolation to dis-respected Artists of all areas- be it literature, music, film etc.  Even Jane Austen couldn't get her first novel published.  You could almost say that the Narrator/main character combo are too self-aware.  I imagine an audience member reading Northanger Abbey at the turn of the 18th/19th century and feeling that it was too "artificial" or "affected" to be real literature.  But of course, that is the enduring strength of the Jane Austen body of work, her sophistication as a writer. 

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