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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Like Water For Chocolate (1989) by Laura Esquivel

Book Review
Like Water For Chocolate (1989)
 by Laura Esquivel

   Like Water For Chocolate is another fine example of the "international best seller": Not written in English, but appealing to a broad, English speaking audience, Like Water For Chocolate, was, for my money a pretty pedestrian paint-by-numbers example of magical realism set on the border of Mexico and San Antonio.  Tita, the main character, is told by her hateful mother, Maria Elena, that her destiny is never to marry, to take care of her, Maria Elena until her death. If you've read any books in the area of magical realism, you have a good idea of what happens next.

  The book here is that each chapter has a recipe, and much of the action of the book involves cooking the recipe listed at the beginning of each chapter, interspersed with love, hate, rebels, rape, love making and lots and lots of passionate arguing.  Seems to me that the ideal audience would be someone who was totally unfamiliar with the classics of magical realism, because for that reader, Like Water For Chocolate would be pretty fresh and original.

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