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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Light of Day (2003) by Graham Swift

Book Review
The Light of Day (2003)
by Graham Swift

  Curious that the editors of 1001 Books would omit Graham Swift's Booker Prize winning novel, Last Orders and include The Light of Day, which is a sort of detective novel by way of the tradition of English kitchen sink style realism, about an ex cop, who resigned in disgrace, being hired by a woman to investigate an affair between her husband and a Bosnian refugee who has been living in their post suburban home.

   The plot is typical genre stuff, but the execution, both in terms of the non linear plot and the emphasis on the interior life of George the private investigator, makes The Light of Day a clearly literary rather than genre effort.   Has Graham Swift really made it in the United States? Several of his books have been made into films, but not in a really big, Hollywood, way.   He hasn't had any break through best selling books. His best books are experimental fiction. All signs point to no. 

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