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Monday, April 23, 2018

Don't Move (2004) by Margaret Mazzantini

Book Review
Don't Move (2004)
 by Margaret Mazzantini

  I surmise that Don't Move, the 2004 novel by Italian author Margaret Mazzantini made a splash- both in her native Italy, where it sold a million copies, and in English translation, but I missed all that, and it came to me as one of those random selections at the end of the original edition of the 1001 Books list.  The only copy I could locate was the hard copy, no Kindle or Audiobook for this title.

  The plot is something that only makes sense in the context of Europe:  A succesful Italian surgeon sits at the bedside of his adolescent daughter in the aftermath of a traumatic scooter accident.  As he waits for her to recover (or not) he recounts an affair with a slatternly woman named Italia.  They meet, as could only be the case in a French or Italian work of art, when he, the surgeon has car trouble and needs to find a phone to call for help.  Italia offers him the use of the phone in her shack,  He uses the phone, calls for help, then returns shortly thereafter and violently rapes her.  At first consumed with the fear of discovery, he returns to the scene of the crime, rapes her again, and only then realizes that, perhaps, she is into it.

 She is, indeed, into it, and their relationship starts as a series of quasi-violent or actually violent sex scenes and evolves into something...else.   More would spoil the story, which isn't quite a thriller, but more like a morality tale woven into something resembling a thriller.  

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