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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Gabriel's Gift (2001) by Hanif Kureshi

Book Review
Gabriel's Gift: A Novel  (2001)
 by Hanif Kureshi

  Like his other novels, Gabriel's Gift tracks the life and times of struggling "creative class" types living in present day London.  The major difference between Gabriel's Gift and other Kureshi titles is, as the Wikipedia page informs, white protagonists (instead of South Asian protagonists like his other books.)  I read Gabriel's Gift using the Kindle App on my Samsung Galaxy- after checking the Kindle Ebook out from the Los Angeles Public Library.   Gabriel's Gift is an ideal length- 220 pages in the paperback version; for reading as a Kindle Ebook. 

  The fact that Kureshi announces that Gabriel's Gift is, in fact, a novel, is questionable.  You could call it a novella.  Unless you are particularly fond of English working class/struggling class fiction, there isn't much here.  Kureshi has a deft touch with his characters, but they all read the same- three title in to his work, and all of his protagonists seem alike to me. 

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