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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Intimacy (1998) by Hanif Kureshi

Book Review
Intimacy (1998)
by Hanif Kureshi

   Kureshi writes about a middle aged writer (of television and film scripts) who decides to leave his wife and two children,  He spends their last night together brooding over the decision, examining his motives.  Intimacy is not a novel about divorce, rather it is a novella about the act of walking out on a wife and children.   Certainly, the vagaries of straight men and their issues with the loss of excitement and adventure in the context of "marriage and children;" is a well trodden path in contemporary literary fiction. I would also think that, within the audience for literary fiction the number of audience members who have personally experienced something similar to the experience of the narrator/leaver in Intimacy is close to 100%. 

   Kureshi was born in England to Pakistani parents, and this experience makes him an English writer of British fiction or a British writer of English fiction- take your pick.  There is nothing particularly South Asian about Intimacy's narrator except his background and physical description. He's more easily described as an international member of the "creative professional" caste that congregates in places like Los Angeles, New York and London (the setting of Intimacy).

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