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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stone Junction (1990) by Jim Dodge

Book Review
Stone Junction (1990)
by Jim Dodge

   There aren't many books that come with a foreword from Thomas Pynchon, but Stone Junction, "an alchemical potboiler" is one such book.  The endorsement is clearly stated and makes perfect sense, since Stone Junction and Pynchon's library contain a shared themes of conspiracy, underground cabals and 1960's era hippie counter-culture.  Regerttablly, Dodge was a one hit wonder- or rather- a one book author- with only some books of poetry to stand alongside Stone Junction.

   Stone Junction is basically a counter-culture spy novel/coming-of-age story.  Stone Junction is less elaborately plotted than Pynchon's stuff, the material actually resembled later day Pynchon books like Inherent Vice.   It was a pleasure to read, but it's sad that it stands alone.  I was concerned that I'd never heard of Jim Dodge before the 1001 Books introduction.

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