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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Event Preview: Jamey Johnson & Margo Price @ North Park Observatory Next Week (Tuesday)

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The Stagecoach Spotlight Tour features Jamey Johnson, Margo Price & Bret Cobb
Event Preview
Stagecoach Spotlight Tour (TM)
 Jamey Johnson, Margo Price & Brent Cobb
 @ North Park Observatory
 Next Week: Tuesday, April 25th, 7:30 PM

  I have to hand it to Goldenvoice talent buyer Stacy Vee, she was down with Margo Price from day 1.  Well not really day 1, but who was, really.  But Stacy Vee was at the little industry show Margo Price played in Hollywood, and the Stagecoach offer came in super early.  So when Stagecoach decides to do a Stagecoach Spotlight Tour and asks Margo Price to be on it, she is on it.  That is how things work.   People will criticize Goldenvoice on various grounds, but the fact remains that they (via corporate parent AEG) the only viable alternative to Live Nation.  I mean they aren't an alternative to Live Nation, who can front a monster advance to any artist they please (but usually those who are capable of drawing at a mid size shed venue in any of the top 150 markets in the United States),  but you can structure a solid cycle of American tours around a big Goldenvoice show.

   It's the kind of support that can give rise to the decision to say no to a Live Nation offer.   The trade off for taking Live Nation money is that an artist is forced to work themselves to death to pay back the advance.   Also that it can get an Artist accustomed to the lifestyle that a massive advance can finance but not maintain.  I know these are 1% problems, but they are problems that any American musician achieving viability is going to face.

   The Stagecoach Spotlight Tour covers most of the major western markets:  Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Denver.  The logic behind this tour gets stronger the further you get from the epicenter of the Stagecoach festival itself, which happens in the middle of the two week long tour stints.

    Part of my continuing enchantment with Price's rise is seeing her touring numbers for secondary markets in the south-east.  She can play these locations, sell out theaters and take in a few thousand in merch, night after night, with most of the markets within driving distance of Nashville, an ideal location for a touring musician, geographically speaking.  She is also viable, though as yet unproven, in secondary markets in other geographic regions of the country: The Northeast, the Midwest and the West.   You compare that with the touring profile of a comparably successful indie rock act, and there is no comparison, Margo Price would crush them.

   Generating a certain level of ticket sales in these secondary market (in addition to some previously demonstrated ability to sell out smaller venues in major markets) is the essential pre-condition to generating a virtuous circle of touring activity.   Once that circle is established, all it requires is additional momentum, provided by more touring.   However, absent additional albums and tours, the virtuous circle stops spiraling.

  Tickets are still available for this show, next Tuesday at the very, very, lovely and nice North Park Observatory Theater- owned by the Affliction clothing company owner!

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