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Monday, February 13, 2017

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Jamey Johnson on tour with Margo Price and Brent Cobb.

Stagecoach Spotlight Tour
Jamey Johnson
Margo Price
Brent Cobb

04 25 The Observatory North Park - San Diego, CA.
04 27 The Theatre at Ace Hotel - Los Angeles, CA.
04 28 Brooklyn Bowl - Las Vegas, NV.
04 30 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ
05 03 Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO.
05 08 Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR.
05 09 Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA.
05 11 Warfield Theatre - San Francisco, CA.

   The rise and rise of Margo Price has been nothing short of astonishing, one of the best stories in indie music in the past decade and a true inspiration to legions of "local musicians" nation wide who are on the verge of throwing in the towel.  From the perspective of a record label operator, what stands out is that Price had a finished record that she was trying to find a label to release.  She just couldn't find any takers until Third Man, in what was a borderline reckless decision, decided to put some umph behind the release.   There are a million bands like that in dozens of markets.  It's the equivalent of lighting striking, but the question is what kind of fire does the lightning strike set.  It could be a small fire, a big fire, or just smoke.

   My point being is that the lightning strike is just a brief moment in time, and it doesn't repeat. The process of fanning the resulting spark into a fire, that is why you need a label, a booking agent and a manager, or need to be able to do those things yourselves.   You can also try to get the label, booking agent and manager and try to make lightning strike- either way it's a tough bid.  But the point of the Margo Price story is that you have to be ready to make and finish a record without financial backing.  Doing that increases your chances of a lightning strike by a hundred fold.  That is what Margo Price did, against great odds.

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