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Friday, December 16, 2016

City Primeval (1979) by Elmore Leonard

Book Review
City Primeval (1979)
by Elmore Leonard

   Elmore Leonard is probably the top American crime fiction of the past few decades.  He got his start writing westerns- as early as 1953, but he segued into crime fiction and City Primeval is a good example of a police procedural: detective fiction written from the perspective of a cop, rather than a private investigator.  Here, the crime is the senseless murder of a controversial African-American judge and his (white) girl friend, the location is Detroit, and the cast of characters includes a psychotic red headed killer, a Mexican police Detective and a white, female defense lawyer.  

   Long known as a compelling writer of "gritty" crime fiction,  City Primeval is all that and a bowl of chips, a compelling example of Leonard coming into his own as a top author of genre fiction.

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