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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Summer Book (1972) by Tove Jansson

Author Tove Jansson on a postage stamp in her native Finland.
Book Review
The Summer Book (1972)
by Tove Jansson

  Tove Jansson is a Finnish author internationally known for her series of children's books about the Moomin Family.  She also wrote several books for adults, The Summer Book, based loosely on her own experience living on an isolated island in Finland.  There isn't much to The Summer Book, a grandmother, her son, her son's daughter, living in their summer house out on a small island.   The closest there comes to "action" in The Summer Book is when the grand daughter climbs up a rock and is then afraid to come down, and when the grandmother and granddaughter break into the new home of a neighbor.   Also, The Summer Book wasn't actually translated into English until 2003, so it isn't like people were reading this book in the US & UK in 1972.

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