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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The trusting and the maimed (1955) by James Plunkett

Book Review
The trusting and the maimed (1955)
 by James Plunkett

    Abortion wasn't exactly foreign to nineteenth century fiction, but was typically reserved for the fallen, desperate or both.   Abortion continues to be a hot topic in many countries, but the Irish, who until late last year banned any kind of legal abortion for any issue, stand out for their strong anti-Abortion stance among other countries in the European Union and "the West."  So I was a little surprised to read the title story in this collection of short stories about working class Irish in and around Dublim.  The trusting and the maimed is about a young couple facing the difficult choice of whether to pursue an abortion, made more difficult by the moral climate in Ireland in the 1950s, abortion is a crime and perpetrators can go to prison AND hell for any attempt, in addition to having to deal with the type of people who will assist with abortions in that kind of environment.


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