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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1958) by Alan Sillitoe

Book Review
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1958)
 by Alan Sillitoe

    Sillitoe is a genuine working class English author, and his territory are the urban areas of Nottingham, among the working class men and women of that region.  Arthur Seaton is a genuine working class English hero, the ancestor of both the Gallagher brothers from Oasis and the bowler sporting reprobates of Clockwork Orange.  Seaton makes good money doing piece work making bicycle parts on a lathe at a factory five minutes from his home.

  Arthur is carrying on with two married women and maintains a full "Teddy boy" wardrobe.  As a Teddy Boy, Arthur is also a literary forerunner of the mods of Quadrophenia and the Punk scene of London in the 1970s.    Arthur, or the author himself, is the best example of the "Angry Young Man" of post war English fiction.  A major difference between the Angry Young Men and the Beats of American fiction is the use of the Beats as travel as an escape hatch.  The Beats drove west, whereas the Angry Young Men simply returned to the fold and acquire a wife, child and a factory job.

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