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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Show Review: BAIO @ The Echo

Show Review: 
BAIO @ The Echo
(BAIO The Names LP on out Friday)

  I mean I think the definition of a truly great rock band is when the constituent members can each support an independent career as an artist.   The independent artistic credentials of Ezra, Rostam and Chris Thompson are established at this point.  But Baio, the bassist, is no slouch, and his forthcoming LP- out this Friday, should establish his independent artistic bonafides.

 Unlike the more informal show I saw in Hollywood a couple weeks ago, Baio's show at the Echo was an industry intensive affair, featuring audience members like Sean Glass, son of Daniel Glass of Glassnote Records, who is putting out the BAIO LP.  Ezra and Rostam were there, along with Ariel Rechtshaid.  One would have to presume from the presence of the three of them in the audience that production of a new Vampire Weekend LP would be a subject of conversation. 

  Like Vampire Weekend themselves, BAIO has hits for days.  Even though the record isn't out, the Audience members had their favorites and some even knew the lyrics.  One of the subjects of conversation at BAIO shows is the extent to which he either is or isn't comparable to Bryan Ferry.  PRO:  He has hits, wears white jackets on stage after Labor Day. CON: More of a dance/electronic vibe.

  I don't know that The Names LP will sell many copies opening week, but then again, who does.  I wouldn't bet against Baio in the secondary market- syncs and what not.  It will be interesting the extent to which the individual efforts will be subsumed by the next Vampire Weekend record, one would assume it would be near total during the run up and touring cycle, likely to be 24 months or longer.

  But once again I'd like to say that his music is worth the time it takes to listen.  He puts on a good live show.  You won't regret getting involved.


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