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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last Lizard (fmr. Dirty Beaches) Announces Show in Montreal

Last Lizard (fmr. Dirty Beaches) Announces Show in Montreal
POP Montreal and Fixture Records present:
Last Lizard + Homeshake + Freelove Fenner + Chevalier Avant Garde + Mavo
Thursday September 17th 2015
La Vitrola – Montreal
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9 PM

   I am as interested as anyone as to what "Last Lizard" the new project/record label by Alex Zhang Hungtai, F/K/A Dirty Beaches.  As near as I can tell it will involve free form saxophone and plaintive piano riffs, but beyond that I couldn't tell you.  I know that Alex has kept himself occupied in Los Angeles the last few months doing film soundtracks, taking meetings about doing film soundtracks and landing a couple syncs. He lives in East Los Angeles, right next to Cal State Los Angeles, if you know where that is.

    I know he has concrete plans to release multiple projects, some 'free form' and instrumental, and others which will have more market appeal, over this year and (mostly) next year.  I've agreed to help with the label, but nothing is in writing, so there are no binding plans. In my experience, in the music business, a written contract means one party is trying to ensure their legal right to fuck over the counter party.  Many, many high level management deals, booking agents, etc are settled without recourse to written contracts, but with corporate owned entities the contract rules.

   I have enjoyed doing absolutely nothing with the music business this year.  It is just as satisfying for me to watch and not have any "skin in the game." If you are an intelligent person you learn just as much if not more from careful observation vs. actually doing it yourself.   In certain circumstances, you need to be able to do something after witnessing it being done without having first having done it yourself.  That's just a life lesson.  So even though I'm basically out of the game until and if this Last Lizard label starts up, seeing the high level music business stuff go down at my girlfriend's office satisfies that part of me, because I see how stuff gets done.  

   Personal relationships that involve both parties making tremendous amounts of money is what I would report back.   Make someone a ton of money once and they will let you try again, and if they won't someone else will.  Don't make someone a ton of money and you need to front the money yourself or find someone who believes in taking the risk.  That's what I've learned about the entertainment industry this year.

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