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Monday, August 17, 2015

Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton Announces Columbia imprint 30th Century Records

Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton Announces Columbia imprint 30th Century Records

  Exclaim is reporting the announcement of Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton's Columbia Record imprint 30th Century Records.  The first release is going to be the new Autolux LP which is produced not by Brian Burton but by Beyoncé producer Boots.  Meanwhile, Burton is hard at work on the new Red Hot Chili Peppers records, which is not going to be on his label.

  And, I just wanted to say that I see him take a lot of shit from indie blogs like Pitchfork and people like Stereogum commenters, and now having met the guy a couple times, it just all seems really unfair.  It seems like people punish him for making a living, like he's supposed to say know when bands like the Black Keys and U2 want to work with him.  There is a WORLD of difference between Burton and hit chasers like Max Martin- super producers who only care about the charts.

  With Pitchfork, it's like he stood them up at a prom or something, so deep is the animus.  They take shots at him for no reason whatsoever, and it's been a decade since they said something nice about one of his projects.  Honestly, I can't even imagine what has spurred such a deep and lasting antagonism but like all things Pitchfork hates, it probably relates to his failure to lick their asshole with sufficient spittle.  Pitchfork hates a dry rim job.

  I often read people saying that he makes "boring" records, by which they must mean he makes records that normal people listen to and want to buy in 2015.  So what if he wants to make records people actually hear? 

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