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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Caught (1943) by Henry Green

Book Review
Caught (1943)
by Henry Green

  This is the fifth Henry Green novel in the 1001 Books project- he is obviously a favorite of the (mostly English) people who made the book.  I think you could very much argue that an "American" version of the 1001 Books project would feature maybe one or two of Green's quiet, well observed novels.  Caught, for example, isn't even in print in the United States.  I had to get my copy from the Cal State San Marcos library via the Circuit library request process at the San Diego Public Library.

  Caught is about the London Fire Brigade during World War II. It certainly sounds like an exciting time to be in the Fire Brigade, what with the constant bombing and so forth.  The plot, such as it is (thin plots in Henry Green novels) revolves around the friendship between an upper class guy and a lower class guy.  The lower class guy has a sister in a mental institution, and much of the incident involves either his attempts to abscond to see her (and subsequent consequences) or various social escapades during their off days (2 days on/one day off schedule.)

  I can safely say that, so far as I'm concerned, Caught by Henry Green is NOT actually a book you need to read prior to death.

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