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Friday, June 12, 2015

New Genetics Studies ID Indo European Homeland, Route into Europe

Map of Yamnaya culture, geneticists now posit this was the origin location for the Indo European language group.

  Two new studies published in the Science journal this week have identified the long sough, much argued about homeland of the Indo European peoples, a group that includes all the languages of Europe (Basque, Hungarian and Finnish excepted), Hindi and Farsi.

(NYTIMES Article)

  Basically, two separate studies looked at different genetic materials and came to the same conclusion, that the "modern" genetic composition of Europe is directly traceable to the emigration of people from the steppes of southern Ukraine to northern Europe.

  According to the write up from Science journal itself, the critical migration happened between 2900 BC and 2000 BC.  In that period, the genes of people living in Europe came to resemble those of people from the Yamanaya heartland. (SCIENCE journal)

  The same studies also provide a reasonable hypothesis for the division of Eastern Indo European languages- the "Indo-Iranian" branch and all others, having discovered a cluster of Yamanaya type genes in the Altai mountains focused on the time between 2900 BC and 2500 BC.

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