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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Novel with Cocaine (1934) by M. Ageyev

Novel with Cocaine has cocaine.

Book Review
Novel with Cocaine (1934)
by M. Ageyev

  M. Ageyev is a pseudonym for the unknown real author of Novel with Cocaine.  The original Russian subtitle was "Confessions of a Russian Opium Eater" and that is a fair hint as to the backwards looking perspective of the narrator, a student living in Revolutionary era Russia.  Novel with Cocaine was only translated into English in 1984, and the anonymous writer, once thought to be perhaps Vladimir Nabokov was actually Mark Levi.

  The student narrator is your typical mid century existentialist student hero.  There are a great deal of cool points in the 180 pages of Novel with Cocaine, but nothing that really blows your hair back unless you count the parts where the narrator abuses his elderly Mom.  

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