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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Poet and the Vampyr by Andrew McConnell Stott

John Polidori wrote the first Vampire story.

The Poet and the Vampyr
by Andrew McConnell Stott
Pegasus Press
Published September 15th, 2014

The story behind the writing of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is that she, her husband Percy Shelly, Lord Byron and two lesser known character: John Polidori and Shelly's younger sister, holed up in a mansion in Switzerland, had a contest to each write a ghost story overnight, and the result was Frankenstein (written by Shelly) and the first vampire story, which was credited to Byron but actually written by Polidori.

 So a reader generally familiar with the origin story of Frankenstein and Byron's role in the creation might be interested in learning more about that fabled weekend.  Presumably, that is the target demographic of The Poet and the Vampyr.  That demographic is likely to be disappointed.  Much of The Poet and the Vampyr reads like an excerpt from a recent Byron biography combined with excerpts from a Shelly biography and a biography of the Godwin/Mary Shelly family. 

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