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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Museum Review: Gran Museo de Mundo Maya @ Merida, Mexico

The distinctive "stadium" design of the Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya De Merida is somewhat deceptive, the museum is in the low slung rectangular building pictured with the lettering on it.

Museum Review:
Gran Museo de Mundo May
Merida, Mexico
visited January 2015

 I very much doubt I would have agreed to visit Merida Mexico were it not for the Mayan sites. Ultimately, I went to only one ruin site during my week long stay, but I made sure to catch the newish Gran Museo de Mundo Maya (Or Grand Museum of the Mayan World for english speakers.)  The opening of the Gran Museo de Mundo Maya had the effect of gutting the older Museum of Anthropology, which is harmed in a converted mansion closer into town.  The Gran Museo de Mundo Maya is located at the northern periphery of Merida, and a visitor is best advised to either arrange for round trip or simply drive- walking there from the center of town is simply impossible for a variety of good reasons ranging from heat to the traffic lay out.

   The Gran Museo de Mundo Maya is an effective, if basic, look at the entire Mayan World with a bias towards someone looking for the most basic information about them. The long run-way design of the permanent collection starts in the present day and works backwards.  The contemporary Mayan stuff is Museum 101- basically lots of exposition and few artifacts, but as the Museum moves back in time the level of detail improves.  The artifacts are drawn from the Yucatan area- this is a regional museum, and you shouldn't expect to see any of the show stopping classic era Mayan artifacts that you would see in Guatemala or other provinces of Mexico.  There are several detailed films that are only in Spanish, so bear that in mind.  The wall plaques are tri lingual- Spanish, English and Mayan.

   Another note of caution for potential visitors- the only on site food and drink is literally the movie theater snack bar located on the mezzanine of the bird's nest building.  Good luck with that! Do not expect to eat there at a cute museum cafe!

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