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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In Parentheses (1937) by David Jones

Book Review
In Parentheses (1937)
 by David Jones

  This is an "epic poem" about the experience of fighting in World War I.  I have to be about 20 deep on World War I fighting books at this point, which left me wondering is In Parentheses is really one of the 1001 Books I need to read prior to my demise.  The foreword by T.S. Eliot is like a kiss of death in terms of whether there was any chance I might actually enjoy In Parentheses.  This is the second book in a month that has come with a "classic" T.S. Eliot foreword, but the editors of the 1001 Books project don't actually include any T.S. Eliot poems, leaving me wondering why they would essentially include books on his say-so but not include any of his own work.  Surely The Wasteland is something that one should read before one dies?

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