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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NIghtwood (1936) by Djuna Barnes

Djuna Barnes: author of Nightwood (1936)

Book Review
Nightwood (1936)
by Djuna Barnes

  Calling this book a "masterpiece" has to be special pleading. I'd go along with calling it a minor classic of early-mid twentieth century modernism, but T.S. Eliot's famous introduction to the American version of this novel rang false to me.  Barnes represents modernism, lesbianism and the avant garde of American AND Europe- she was from the north-east of the US, wrote in Berlin and settled in Greenwich Village, where she survived to the 80s.  Nightwood is her one hit, she has one other novel and a play and some poetry and that is about it.  Nightwood is loosely "about" a lesbian couple in Berlin, but the most memorable character is the itinerant gynecologist who has a postively Burroughsian quality (Burroughs was a Nightwood fan.)

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