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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NIght and Fog (1955) d. Alain Resnais

Movie Review
Night and Fog (1955)
d. Alain Resnais
Criterion Collection #197

  Just clearing out my Hulu Plus Criterion Collection queue here at the end of the year while everyone is off on holiday!  Night and Fog positive: It's only 30 minutes long!  Night and Fog negative: It is super about the Holocaust and has much contemporaneous newsreel footage (including, I think pro-Nazi German and French footage) depicting the actual Holocaust: Jews being loaded onto trains, arriving at the camps, their suffering at the camps and of course a bunch of emaciated corpses.  I don't have any Holocaust survivors or victims in my family but I grew up going to Sunday school and at my Reform synagogue in Northern California Holocaust education was maybe the most important component.  Holocaust and Israel.  I've been to Holocaust museums in Washington and Berlin.  I've been to the Anne Frank house.  I've done everything BUT go to a concentration camp, but Night and Fog seems to be a sufficient replacement for the actual experience.

  Personally, I don't find "the" Holocaust to be particularly unique, Genocide seems to be endemic to the human species, it just so happens that the Germans chose a target and a means that left them holding the moral bag.

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