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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Show Review: Queens of The Stone Age & The Kills @ The Forum in Los Angeles, CA.

Handsome Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, Last.Fm's 72nd biggest act in the world.

Show Review:
Queens of The Stone Age & The Kills
@ The Forum in Los Angeles, CA.
Halloween 2014

Three reasons I went to this show:  Halloween is a holy nightmare of a night to go out, Free, The Forum, storied home of the Los Angeles Lakers, has been refurbished and is hosting shows.  It has about 13,000 capacity, the lower tier is general admission, and then the "arena" seats are refurbished and PLUSH AS FUCK.

First the venue, because I'd talked to someone who attended the re-opening Eagles concerts earlier this year (late last year?) and I've been wanting to go to check it out.  The Forum hosted the Lakers and the Kings between 1967 and 1988, and then I think it's been kinda semi closed for the last several years before the Eagles played there.  The Forum, also known as The Great Western Forum for a period, is located in scenic South Central Los Angeles.  Let me make it clear I see this location as a plus, like going to see a show in a vintage Ice Cube LP record.  Originally the forum was The Inglewood Forum, which is name checked (Inglewood) approximately every other  ten seconds in most LA rap in the 80s and 90s.  I got there by driving down Manchester, past several awesome looking Louisiana/Southern Fried Chicken restaurants and at least two substantial street taco operations cooking full blast coming and going.

I will say, the parking was not cheap (25 USD) and don't enter off of Manchester if you are smart. The Forum Club, which I believe has also been refurbished, was amazing, with a wide selection of free food and beer and mixed drinks for "arena" price levels (9 usd beer, 12 usd and up for mixed drinks.)  The food in the Forum Club included turkey and beef sliders, a cheese steak "stand", fresh fruit, ice cream sundae bar, etc, etc, etc.  It wasn't particularly amazing, just that it existed AT ALL. Arena shows are usually so nightmarish and this was civilized.  I can't speak for the general admission area, but I highly recommend the seated portion.

Openers The Kills were the reason I had free tickets, and I thought they were great.  Their usual two piece line up was supplemented with four Druid-drummers.   I was postively enraptured by Alison Mossheart's stage presence- she has really credible arena rock level moves.  I think they are at the point of getting ready to demo their next record, which they should put out next year if you ask me!

Queens of the Stone Age was wrapping up a nearly two year promotional cycle built around their May 31st, 2013 LP release ...Like Clockwork.  "Queens" or QOTSA (pronounced "Quote saw") as I like to call them, is currently the #72 biggest artist on the site.   I've seen them at least three times in the last two years, including seeing them headline the San Diego Sports Arena last December, so, it was similar. The singer for Scissor Sisters joined them for the first song, and he actually added a good deal to the cut.  The crowd was diverse and enthusiastic, with many costumes and a ton of dedicated fans singing and dancing along to each and every song.  There should be no doubt that Queens of the Stone Age are a top 10 rock act in the United States, and top 20 in the world.

  If you are going to a show at The Forum in Inglewood, enter from a side street, buy seats and try to get access to the Forum club if your can.  Worth it.

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