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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Judex (1963) d. Georges Franju

Francine Berge is striking as the criminal Diana Motti in Judex (1963) d. George Franju

Movie Review
Judex (1963)
d. Georges Franju
Criterion Collection #710
Criterion Collection edition released June 17th, 2014.
Francine Berge is striking in her cat suit in Judex (1963) d. George Franju

  This recent Criterion Collection release is also a point of intersection between the Criterion Collection and the 1001 Books Project, as well as an intersection between 19th century pulp fiction, 20th century film and surrealism. Judex is a kind of remake of a much longer, rarely seen serial of the same name, both of them based on the French pulp fiction character from the early 20th century.  That original pulp fiction character Judex is part of a group of French proto-super heroes whose best known member is Fantomas , and they are both stylish, amoralistic anti-heroes masked avenger types whose closest New World avators would be Zorro and the Lone Ranger.

  The accompanying essay to the Criterion Collection edition of Judex points out that director Franju would have preferred to have done a remake of Fantomas, but the rights lay with another party.  Fantomas (1911) is part of the 1001 Books Project, so if you read that book and watch this movie you could good insight into a kind of alternate pop culture where the masked superheroes kidnap corporate executives, and ruthlessly murder the innocent

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