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Friday, October 10, 2014

Show Review: Kasabian @ The House of Blues San Diego

Kasabian's writer and style icon Sergio Pizzorno

Show Review:
@ The House of Blues
San Diego, CA

   Of course I'm not a Kasabian fan, but seeing a band that headlined Glastonbury THIS YEAR headline an 1100 capacity club in San Diego was an obvious choice.  If you read about Kasabian on the internet, you will learn that they are despised by critics and loved by normal people.  They are huge everywhere BUT the United States.  They draw comparisons to Oasis and Primal Scream, don't consider themselves indie, and main man Segio Pizzorno likes to pal around with English comedian Noel Fielding, and the two of them have the same hair cut.

  I say more power to them.  The crowd last night was super enthusiastic, almost entirely dudes, singing along to all the cuts and even going up on each others shoulders.  The live show is exactly what you would expect from a band that headlined Glastonbury, broad, with lots of crowd interaction/appreciation.  Almost every Kasabian song has an amazing opening 30 seconds, with lyrics that.... well they are broadly written lyrics designed to appeal to a large swath of the public.

  The lighting was amazing- easily the best lighting display I've seen in San Diego ever at any venue. Kasabian played a ninety minute set, and I recognized all the songs that have made it to the radio.  Backstage Sergio explained why he was wearing a t shirt that had "Corn" written on it in black. "My mate made up a ton of them, like 400 different words, so I wear a different one every night, I'm going to wear "Holiday" in Mexico City this weekend."

  The band was charming and good natured backstage, and seemed genuinely enthusiastic about playing to an 1100 sized crowd in a second tier American market.  It's more than I can say for other, much smaller bands who I have seen cop an attitude at House of Blues.  Robin Roth stopped by with what I presume were either contest winners, staff winners or both.  I never know whether to just say hi to her or introduce myself or neither, I feel like at one point we were introduced...anyway- Robin if you are reading this- I always say nice things about 91x and yourself when people ask me about the San Diego radio scene, and talked up 91x to Kasabian's manager over drinks after the show last night.

  In conclusion, fun show, adoring crowd, fuck the haters.  If you are a band in 2014 that has fans and sells records, that is an accomplishment itself.

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