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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dillinger Is Dead (1969) d. Marco Ferreri

Italian director Marco Ferreri

Movie Review
Dillinger Is Dead (1969)
 d. Marco Ferreri
Criterion Collection #506

  Ferreri is not one of the better known Italian directors of the 60s/70s, but he evidently has his fans among the lords of the Criterion Collection, who call Dillinger Is Dead a "magnificently inscrutable masterpiece."  Well it is inscrutable.  Near as I can tell, the whole movie is "Man" played by Michel Picolli, coming home from his job where he designs gas masks (satire alert!) to his "Wife"(Anita Pallenberg.)  He farts around in his house: feeding his wife pills, cooking a meal, and playing with a pistol.  He listens to music. Then, five minutes before the end of the film he puts a pillow over his sleeping wives face and shoots her in the head three times, before driving off and joining the crew of a Tahiti bound yacht as a chef.

  Not entirely sure why Dillinger is Dead would be hailed as a masterpiece, but there you go.

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