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Friday, May 09, 2014

The Fox (1922) by D.H. Lawrence

Book Review
The Fox (1922)
by D.H. Lawrence

  Oh man only the third D.H. Lawrence book that I've read?  Seems like more. I guess four if you count Lady Chatterley's Lover.  The Fox is a novella, not a novel, not a short story.  I'm curious about the dividing line between short story and novella, maybe more than 50 pages is a novella, less is a short story?

  The story- sorry- Novella, is about two "intellectual" women (maybe lesbians) who decide to take over a small farm.  They are plagued by a fox that keeps raiding the hen house.  Henry, a young man home from World War I shows up looking for his now deceased Grandfather.  He sticks around and sets his cap on the butcher of the pair.  The fox, in this tale, is a symbol of masculinity and Henry is himself a kind of fox.

 It's hard to discuss the ending without ruining the "fun" but The Fox is an accessible access point for someone trying to dip into D.H. Lawrence.  Also a super erotic 60s movie version came out- may have to look that up.

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