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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stream Haunted Hearts Initiation LP

Stream Haunted Hearts Initiation LP on Pitchfork Advance

  Humbling experience getting a tour of the Third Man records facilities in Nashville over the weekend, and realizing that I'm the same age as Jack White. Third Man, which retains the vinyl production rights to White's own releases on major labels in addition to working with legacy artists (Wanda Jackson, Loretta Lynn), putting out novelty records and releases by younger artists, is an impressive operation.  It's as big or bigger then the Revolver/Midheaven warehouse I've been to in San Francisco. Third Man has 19 employees, many of whom I saw on site at 10 AM on a Monday morning, packing and shipping the latest "Vault" release to mail order subscribers.  Seeing an operation like that can only make you question whether you are wasting your time even trying.  On the other hand, I found much to be enthusiastic about, particularly a discussion I had with the "tour guide" (their manager responsible for production and distribution) about the underlying health/staying power of the so-called "vinyl revival."  Sample quote: "When people call I tell them, that story has already happened.')

 Personally, my business philosophy is at the opposite end of the spectrum from that of White: I want no employees, no physical presence, just a monthly check and invoices to pay.


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