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Friday, May 30, 2014

Haunted Hearts Initiation LP Bows to Positive/Mixed Review


   If someone wants to review a record I've released, give it a "5" out of 10 and call it a "crowd pleaser" then by all means, go ahead.  The history of the music industry is littered with the corpses of artists who tried to change audience expectations mid career, and the list of artists who have done that successfully is small.  If you are working with an artist who already has an audience, the initial critical response is much, much less important then the initial Audience response.  Critics can be "brought around" to a commercially succesful record, but if critics like it and the Audience hates it the artist (and label) are well and truly screwed.  So yeah, I would have liked to see higher marks, but personally, I never had a high GPA, and if I did, I'd probably be working for some soulless corporation or law firm, and not running my own business and record label.

  More important to me is the place of Initiation on the Revolver/Midheaven sales chart, where it is currently number one on the "Weekly" top 50, number 6 on the monthly top 50, and 40 on the three month top 50 chart. Also, I personally sold 120+ records direct to mailing list subscribers, which is the best response I've had for a record since I was involved in the Art Fag Recordings Best Coast 7".

  Something I've learned over the past several years is that the relationship between critical acclaim and commercial success is somewhere between weak and non-existent.  Hardly an original observation, to be sure, but it's one I'm making from personal experience, not from the experience of others. 

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