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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Great Response to that Deadphones Article in City Beat

 OK so I was being a little tongue in cheek when I called that Peter Hoslin Deadphones article in City Beat the greatest local music article of all time.  I've got nothing against the Cuckoo Chaos/Deadphones crew, but seriously, almost every one of their decisions cited in the article was the wrong decision. This guy Brad Lee actually breaks it down in this excellent tumblr post:

Brad Lee Tumblr: Something Was Missing

  Everything Brad says in this article is so on the money that I have nothing more to add.  I don't like to personally criticize local bands or journalist because it's hard enough  out there but the thought that other local musicians might read that piece and NOT take it as a cautionary tale vs. a case of the world being totally unfair to a bunch of super talented musicians makes me sad.  Every decision they made in there was the wrong one, and Brad Lee is right.

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Action Jackson said...

Brad was pretty off on some of his facts and made a lot of assumptions that were incorrect. Check it:

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