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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Event Preview: Broken Bells w/ Au Revoir Simone @ Humphrey's By The Bay

Broken Bells is James Mercer (Shins) and Danger Mouse (everything)

Event Preview:
 Broken Bells w/ Au Revoir Simone
 @ Humphrey's By The Bay
San Diego, CA.

  It's been a privilege to see the Broken Bells After the Disco campaign spool out from a somewhat insidery perspective (gained because of who I'm dating, not based on any music related merit on my part.)  I've been able to watch the campaign unfurl as a "fly on the wall," overhearing conversations and reading emails over shoulders. It has been an education, and its already influenced my own choices in my little indie world (for example, the decision to launch Haunted Hearts with an Itunes pre-sale was based on Columbia Records doing the same thing for Broken Bells.)

  Along the way I've had the opportunity to casually mingle with the Artists, James Mercer and Danger Mouse.   I think I've witnessed enough to know that both Artists are genuinely cool, interesting people who care about their Audience and the people they work with.  Broken Bells exist in the rarefied air where the music industry is NOT in fact, imploding upon itself.  They are the type of band that sells hundreds of thousands of records, not millions, and they are also the kind of band that doesn't actually want to sell a million records.  Maybe over a decade.

  At Coachella, the live show was bright and engaging.  Using only a four piece band, Broken Bells comes across to both their devoted and casual fans, there is no exclusionary indie bullshit in their game.  While reading a laudtory review from their recent Tucson show, it occurred to me that they have a broad enough appeal to support a tour of Midwestern and Southern County/State fairs a la country artists.  Not that they would do such a thing, but they could do such a thing.

  I'm very much looking forward to the show tonight, which is sold out.  Au Revoir Simone opens and the whole thing looks like it will be done by 9:30 PM, so if you have tickets get there early.

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