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Friday, April 11, 2014

Cría cuervos . . .(1976) d. Carlos Saura

Ana Torrent plays Ana in Cria Cuervos... by director Carlos Suara (1976)

Movie Review
Cría cuervos . . .(1976)
d.  Carlos Saura
Criterion Collectin #403

 Cría cuervos... is a dark little film shot in Spain while Franco was literally on his deathbed. The movie is about Ana, played by Ana Torrent who is orphaned along with her two siblings when her fascist military father dies in flagrante (in the arms of the wife of his closest friend.)  It turns out that Dad was preceded in death by Mom, who appears to the disturbed child in the form of a ghost, gradually filling in the back story of her parents troubled relationship in a blend of dream sequence and flash back.

 This movie is "about" Franco's fascist dictatorship in the way that many movies made under an atmosphere of censorship can be "about" that censoring government: oblique.  If I'm reading the metaphor properly, the Aunt who steps in as Ana's new guardian represents the attempt of the current Spanish government to deny the crimes of the past, and the ghost of Ana's mother (played by Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of Charlie) represents the "ghost of the past" while the children represent "the Spanish people."

  You can watch Cría cuervos . . . without worrying about the politics- it stands on its own as a dark psychological thriller- sort of- it's somewhere between thriller and memoir.

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