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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Corridors of Blood (1959) d. Robert Day

Christopher Lee & Boris Karloff in Corridors of Blood (1959)

Movie Review
Corridors of Blood (1959)
d. Robert Day
Criterion Collection #368

Part of Monsters & Madmen Boxed Set
Criterion Collection #364

  Corridors of Blood is included in the Criterion Collection because Boris Karloff stars Dr. Thomas Bolton. Christopher Lee- who was to become a staple of English and American Horror/Fantasy films- is there as "Resurrection Joe."  The plot is a B movie/genre film combination of a Jeckyl and Hyde type "dark side to experimental science" and the Burke and Hare scandal of 19th century Scotland, where men were found to be murdering people so they could get paid by the medical colleges for the corpses.

  Unappreciated in its day (release in the US was delayed several years and even then it was distributed as the second film of a double bill with a less exceptional first feature), Corridors of Blood is the type of movie that would go utterly unseen without the Criterion Collection, and it's worth watching to get a shot at seeing Boris Karloff really act.  He's quite good in this movie.

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