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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Coachella 2014 Preview: Jussst Waiting For Set Times

Coachella 2014 Preview:
Jussst Waiting For Set Times

  I've been covering Coachella Arts & Music Festival on this blog since before that was a thing.  Specifically, 2007. (2007 Coachella Show Review.)  That was the year I snapped Cory Kennedy and Cobrasnake in the VIP area. Good times.  Also this cool 2007 post with just pictures of people passed out at Coachella 2007.  Reviewing the Wikipedia entry, I think I started going in 2002, 2003, 2004. Maybe missed 2005.  2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, missed 2010 I think.  2011, didn't go to 2012, didn't go 2013.  So that makes 8 visits. But this year I'm invigorated thanks to obtaining an Artist pass for the first time ever.   Also, my friends band is playing (Dum Dum Girls) and my girlfriend's bands are playing (Broken Bells & Ratking) so I'm generally engaged and excited to be going.

  Back in 2006/2007 writing about Coachella was actually not done by that many people.  By 2008 I distinctly remember thinking I never needed to "cover" Coachella ever again.  By 2010 I was "over it."  In 2012 I specifically went to the first Desert Daze festival, which is now in its third year.

  It's hard to pre-game Coachella without the set times, which always seem to be held back till the last fucking minute every god d*** year.  Super annoying- but people of course play guessing games and I happen to know about a couple bands, so let's take it day by day and refer to this hypothetical set times chart until the real one is posted.


If you go early:   It's likely Dum Dum Girls and Waxahatche are going to draw early (before 3 PM) those are also the two early type bands that I would want to see on Friday.

Mid/Late Afternoon:  Two nostalgia type bands that look likely to draw the mid/late afternoon slot are Afghan Whigs and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- I think Afghan Whigs is probably a must-see.

Early Evening:  A potential HAIM/Broken Bells 1-2 as the sun goes down at the second stage is probably going to be the pre-headliners place to be. Additional potential conflicts with one or both of those bands are A$AP Ferg and Neko Case, not to mention Bryan Ferry(?!?)

Mid/Late Evening: Headlining set by Outkast is a must, and probably the main stage opener (Girl Talk?) by default. Word has it Knife is headlining the second stage (not a fan!) and the tents are not very hot friday night.


If you go early:  Solange could draw early- perhaps on the main stage.  Banks I think will be early- she's worth checking out I believe.

Mid/Late Afternoon:  Ty Segall is a can't miss, Dillon Francis could draw here and maybe Mogwai.

Early Evening:  Can't miss Lorde!

Mid/Late Evening: With a Muse/Queens of the Stone Age main stage set up looking very missable, the focus turns towards the tents, where there are several appealing electronic options: Pet Shop Boys for the olds, Skrillex for the kids, Fat Boy Slim for the olds, Empire of the Sky for the wierdos.


If you go early: Don't miss RATKING! They are truly ill, also Courtney Barnett.

Early Evening:   Can't but help feel like this may be my only chance to see Lana Del Rey live.

Mid/Late Evening: Calvin Harris and Lauren Garnier.  

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