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Friday, March 14, 2014

Sweet Movie (1974) d. Dušan Makavejev

The gold penis from Sweet Movie (1974) d. Dusan Makavejev

Movie Review
Sweet Movie (1974)
 d. Dušan Makavejev
Criterion Collection #390

   Sweet Movie is another entrant in the genre I like to call "Cinema WTF": transgressive/outre/surreal cinema, often from the margins of the cinematic world, that frequently involves "shocking" sexual/horror/violent footage and frequently lacks plot or a comprehensible narrative.  Criterion Collection Hulu Plus movie recommending algorithm has me pegged as a fan as the genre, because Sweet Movie was at the top of my recommended list for about a week before I gave in.

   Dušan Makavejev, the film maker, is Yugoslavian but he was actually kicked out/left Yugoslavia prior to shooting Sweet Movie because he was just that outrageous, so it was shot in the west- Amsterdam mostly.  It's hard to really describe Sweet Movie- no plot to speak of- and a series of somewhat "sketch comedy" like scenes that range from disturbing (20 minute long food orgy with real vomiting and simulated penis eating) to borderline criminal (grown woman dressed in erotic "wedding gown" seducing 10 year old boys.)

  In the end you've got a movie that still possesses considerable shock value and maintains a transgressive quality. Oh- and don't miss the dude with the gold penis- see above.

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