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Monday, March 03, 2014

Stolen Kisses (1968) d. François Truffaut

Jean-Pierre Léaud plays Antoine Doinel

Movie Review
Stolen Kisses (1968)
d. François Truffaut
Criterion Collection #186

  Stolen Kisses is Chapter 3 in the Antoine Doinel saga- Truffaut's extended series about, essentially, himself. Doinel is played by Jean-Pierre Leaud.  Doinel is perpetually smitten, but in Stolen Kisses he is young and single, and not cheating on his wife with whom he has a child. In fact, Stolen Kisses is positvely light n breezy, with a story line involving Doinel's improbable job as a private detective.  It's an improbable job for Doinel because he is what you call "feckless."  At the beginning of Stolen Kisses, he's getting kicked out of the army.  He gets a job working at a hotel, gets fired because he lets a private detective into the room of a client, then he gets a job with the detective agency, falls in love with the wife of the client to whose case he is assigned, and ends up settling down with the "girl next door."

 Throughout the tone is light whimsy, very watchable- fun.

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