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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Show Review: Dum Dum Girls, Blouse & Lube

Show Review:
Dum Dum Girls, Blouse & Lube
@ The Casbah

  I was surprised as I walked up to the Casbah at 915 PM that there was a) a line, down the block to get in- never seen that before. B) A 94/9 FLAG flying out front- I didn't know they had one of those and other then the usual Tim Pyles level support I am frankly unaware of 94/9 EVER taking an interest in Dum Dum Girls.   91x music director Robin Roth was perhaps less of a surprise given her legitimate roots in the San Diego local music scene but personally I think it is time for some major league alt rock stations to take up the gauntlet and start playing some Dum Dum Girls in regular rotation.  Sorry if I'm obsessed with commercial alt rock radio but I think I've got it figured out- you need to get to the point where you have a record that MIGHT reasonably be played on alt rock radio AND you need to be ready to come to town and play at cost for one of their radio shows (and sell tickets and be amenable.)  Is there something I'm missing here?  So who is it going to be then?

  Local opener LUBE are straight up the most exciting local San Diego band since the come up of Dum Dum Girls themselves, Crocodiles and Wavves.  I can't think of another act I've seen since then where I've felt they had a legitimate shot at getting out of San Diego.  True they are young- but they seem to have the proper level of commitment.  Last night they had a bassist- a competent to excellent basis and generally seemed to be channeling "early Sonic Youth" with brief appearances by Factory records/Bauhaus-y post-punk.  I mean they are so young, and have so much time, the mere fact that they aren't terrible and unwatchable is enough to get me excited, but they are a quality live act with above average songwriting and quality influences.

  Blouse played competent to excellent synthy rock.  They've got enough songwriting chops and a broad enough appeal so that some kind of breakthrough to a broader Audience seems in the cards.  The live show is far from their electronic roots- they now present like a rock band with a keyboard player vs. a synth act playing rock songs.  It's to their credit- the crowd was deffo into the sound.

   Dum Dum Girls took the stage in front of a heart illuminated with neon blue lights. The tour outfits are going to draw attention for real....not here though.  The crowd was pretty much strangers- other than the local alt rock radio luminaries and the full Casbah hierarchy there weren't more then 5-10 people who were around when the Dum Dum Girls WERE a local San Diego band (for about six months to be fair.)  I have 100% no problem with that- in fact it is a sure sign that Dum Dum Girls are making progress.   I mean not to be cynical about the underground and the core scene and DIY glory and all that stuff, but you either move on, fail to move on or never get the chance to move on at all- so...moving on is a key part of all three formulations.

  I'm just going to put out there that I think Dum Dum Girls are ready to the west coast alt rock radio show circuit. Middle of the bill for one of the late Summer radio jams?  I promise that this blog will go 100% in the tank for whichever local radio station makes the jump- I know, I know, that blog is but a tiny speck in the great whirl of infinity but I thought I would just put it out there.

  Anyway, from where I sit, Dum Dum Girls have clearly made the leap from "maybe" to "yes" in terms of securing themselves a viable future.  Sold out weeks in advance shows don't lie.


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